Mission at Western Macedonia

Mission of Foreign and Economic Diplomats to the Region of Western Macedonia, March 11 – 14, 2009

logosynrgInvest in Greece Agency led the mission to the Region of Western Macedonia, accompanied by four ambassadors and 34 economic and commercial counselors from embassies in Greece. Business meetings and business presentations took place in Kastoria and were co-organized with the region.

The Secretary General of the Region of Western Macedonia, Mr. Andreas Leoudis, underscored the fact that the region produces 70 percent of the domestic energy and 70 percent of the surface water sources in Greece. He also explained how the recently improved infrastructure of the region has helped it to evolve and has made it more accessible.

The CEO of Invest in Greece Agency, Dr. Dimitrios Pazaitis, spoke on the activities of the agency and the comparative advantages of Western Macedonia, while underlining the importance that the agency places on the working cooperation between the State and the local authorities and communities. He also spoke on the importance of investment attraction and assistance, particularly at a time of economic crisis, that it is a matter of national importance.

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