Invest in Greece, achieve mutual benefits and win –win

Wei Jiafu, President & CEO, COSCO

Dolphin Capital completed and successfully opened Amanzoe (www.amanzoe.com) in the Peloponnese, receiving raving reviews and setting a new standard of luxury and elegance in the Mediterranean. The global attention and prestigious clients that attracted, indicate the new standards in high-end tourism that Greece is capable of setting.

Miltos Kambourides, Managing Partner, Dolphin Capital Partners

We are very pleased with the response to the company’s application and equally enthusiastic about building a photovoltaic solar panel plant in Tripoli. With respect to your organization, we were impressed by your professionalism and diligence and thankful for the guidance you provided us regarding the administrative procedures of the Greek government. We would certainly recommend that other foreign investors utilize your services in the future. In addition, we are excited about the opportunity to invest in a renewable energy project in Greece and we are hopeful that this will not be Plainfield’s last investment there.

Panos Ninios, Managing Director, Plainfield Asset Management LLC

We believe that there is space for new projects in the Greek market. Moreover, the modern Greek lifestyle represents an investment opportunity with considerable growth potential.

Felippe Fulcher, Sonae Sierra

Greece is a strong business hub offering access to the EU, Russia and the former East European bloc countries. Moreover, Greece offers a large pool of skilled, well-educated, and hard working labour force at competitive cost rates. The Greek government supports heavily foreign investments into the country

Masahiko Toyoda, Chairman and Managing Director, TOSOH HELLAS A.I.C.

The new plant in Greece is a direct reflection of our policy to meet the growing demands of the construction industry in both southern Europe and south Eastern Europe. It will provide extra flexibility in supplies of AQUAPANEL® Cement Board, with key benefits of reduced logistics costs and reduced lead-times on large deliveries of cement board to this region. Our expansion into Volos is also significant news for the local area.

Thomas Koslowski, Managing Director, KNAUF USG SYSTEMS, Germany

Greece as a potential investment location offers a variety of advantages for a project like the biodiesel-plant. Northern Greece has a high level of sun-energy connected with a strong but still expandable agrarian industry. Therefore, we see high potential in gaining raw materials needed for the production of bio fuels. The infrastructure is more than sufficient and the workforce, although skilled, can benefit from new fields of development.

Martin Platz, PLATZ INGENIEURE GMBH, Germany

We came to Greece in 2000, in view of the upcoming Games, and since then have had revenues in excess of $ 500 million. We believe that Greece is a great place to invest and our rate of growth compared to other east Mediterranean countries is significantly higher here and we are now looking to expand the scope of our activities further

Steve Martin, Executive, GENERAL ELECTRIC ENERGY

There were many reasons why we chose to invest in Greece, the first one being the growth of the telecommunications market in Greece and the second one was the ability to use Greece is a base for business development for the Balkan countries.


Why did I invest in Greece? Because I love Greece, it will be the most important market for golf tourism in the Mediterranean area in the next 10 years. Our project includes two 18 hole golf courses, a 5 star luxury hotel, bungalows, a conference centre, health spa and marina.


We chose Greece because we needed a strategically located plant with low overall costs and increased flexibility in order to meet the growing regional demand. Greece as a location was ideal in meeting these needs


For tourism, quite frankly, Greece has everything. The Greek people are the most hospitable in Europe, the food is great, and Crete has the longest European summer. And because Greece is the foundation of Western Civilization, we are innately tied to its culture


Greece, beside its great historical and natural resources and the variety of traditional agricultural products, today has the appropriate profile, infrastructure, and the vision to support the challenges of the business environment of the 21st century.

Vassilis Haitas, General Manager, TOPOS S.A.

…I strongly believe that despite the fact that Greece is a relatively small country, its telecoms market is very attractive for potential investors. And it will be more attractive as long as it plays a protagonist role in the neighbouring developing countries…


Crete, is blessed with stunning landscapes, unique environment and natural beauty, hospitable people and rich history, mythology and culture. These are excellent ingredients for developing quality tourism with upsacle resorts of unique character that could help Crete to stand out and be placed on the top of the list of quality tourist destinations in the world attracting high income level clientele from around the globe. With the above in mind, Emerald has secured, on the south coast of Crete, a charismatic piece of land - 160 hectares - on one of the best beaches of Greece, where is planning and integrated quality resort of exemplary high standards. With an investment of over 310 million EURO, the resort will consist of two 5 star luxury hotels, two spa facilities, a conference centre, an athletic centre, a village hub, etc and substantial luxury real estate.


We are delighted to bring our Starwood brands to Greece, a premiere location and a vital European destination.

Roeland Vos, President of Europe, Africa and Middle East Division, Starwood Hotels & Resorts

I think that [Costa Navarino] is the most important golf development in continental Europe since Sotogrande 46 years ago. People are going to be absolutely shocked when they see what has been built there, because it is so good that it will reinvigorate the golf map in the Mediterranean area.

David Spencer, CEO, The Stripe Group

I must say, personally, I’m impressed with the improvements that Greece is going through. Being the largest global supplier basis software, we are here to help accelerate the process to increase innovation and growth, because that’s really the agenda of the future in Greece. We see a market with lots of intelligent people, we see a market where software would play a major role, and we are here to make our investments and accelerate the process. We will invest in Greece. We have moved our South Europe Headquarters to Athens to show our focus on this market. We can inspire small startups to leverage our technology and drive innovation in growth in a global basis environment.

Jim Hagemann Snabe, co-CEO, SAP AG