Efforts for Covid

16 April 2020 |

The OECD and member countries that provide foreign aid are exploring how they can work to help the most vulnerable countries to weather the Covid-19 crisis, as new data showed a rise in Official Development Assistance (ODA) in 2019, particularly to the poorest countries. Development Assistance Committee (DAC) members are sharing what they are doing to help developing countries combat the health crisis and economic fallout of the pandemic, with some donor countries already announcing reallocation of ODA money to support basic living conditions, build emergency health facilities and provide liquidity to developing country banks. The OECD is also working to analyse debt relief and other financial mechanisms for developing countries, donor support for women who make up the majority of health and care workers, support for global public goods – including research for new medicines or vaccines – and on longer-term analysis and guidance to help developing countries mitigate social and economic impacts. All official direct Covid19-related support to ODA-eligible countries, whether to invest in health systems or to protect and rebuild livelihoods will count as ODA.

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