Using AI to Combat COVID-19

23 April 2020 |

Today, AI technologies and tools play a key role in every aspect of the COVID-19 crisis response: 

  • understanding the virus and accelerating medical research on drugs and treatmentso
  • detecting and diagnosing the virus, and predicting its evolutiono
  • assisting in preventing or slowing the virus' spread through surveillance and contact tracingo
  • responding to the health crisis through personalised information and learningo
  • monitoring the recovery and improving early warning tools.

To help facilitate the use of AI throughout the crisis, policy makers should encourage the sharing of medical, molecular, and scientific datasets and models on collaborative platforms to help AI researchers build effective tools for the medical community, and should ensure that researchers have access to the necessary computing capacity.•To realise the full promise of AI to combat COVID-19, policy makers must ensure that AI systemsare trustworthy and aligned with the OECD AI Principles: they should respect human rights and privacy; be transparent, explainable, robust, secure and safe; and actors involved in their development and use should remain accountable.Using artificial intelligence to help combat COVID-1.

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