UNCTAD - How biodiversity-friendly trade can support COVID-19 recovery

19 October 2020 |

A new call to action urges countries to make BioTrade a lever for recovery and resilience in the wake of the pandemic.

At the first‑ever global summit dedicated to biodiversity held virtually on 30 September, various leaders said the COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for countries to put bold and ambitious environmental action at the heart of their post‑coronavirus economic recovery strategies.

One of the tools at countries’ disposal is BioTrade – the collection, production, transformation and commercialization of goods and services derived from biodiversity under BioTrade Principles and Criteria, a set of guidelines that emphasize environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Members of the UNCTAD-led BioTrade Stakeholders Steering Committee have issued a call to action urging countries to tap BioTrade for a better recovery from the pandemic, as the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity can create jobs and economic growth while protecting the planet.

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