Promotion of wine in third-country markets 2014

The programmes for promoting wine in third-country markets are run under the National Strategic Plan for the Wine Industry; the actions of each programme are drawn up in collaboration with the industry association, the National Inter-Professional Organization of Vine and Wine (EDAOA). 

The programmes are for Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) wines and/or Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) wines and/or wines with indication of grape variety (varietal wines).

The programme’s objectives are:

  • to continue the efforts towards the creation of a positive image of Greek wine and to gradually establish it as a “quality wine”
  • to inform industry professionals and consumers in the target markets of the quality potential of Greek vineyards and Greek wines, and to increase awareness of them  
  • to increase the number of trials and the preference for Greek designation of origin wines and table wines with a geographical indication in target countries
  • to achieve market penetration and further increase market shares.

The programmes for promoting wine in third-country markets are implemented in the framework of Council Regulation (EC) No 479/2008 and Regulation (EC) No 555/2008 and are co-financed by the Community (50%), national funding (30%), and the beneficiaries themselves (20%).



The purpose of the plan was to maintain an awareness of Greek wine in target markets and to increase the database of commercial customers and consumers who choose Greek wines. For this reason, advertising was focused on retail outlets and the food-service sector, with the ultimate aim of influencing and attracting ordinary consumers but also of informing opinion makers in order to encourage the import but also the consumption of greater quantities of Greek wine. 

The media plan ran from May to July 2014. 


Advertisements were placed in 10 major print and electronic magazines for consumers and the wine trade.

Print and electronic advertisements were placed in magazines read by 3,210,000 people (circulation plus site traffic).

In more detail, the plan comprised: 

  1. Print advertisements in the most popular and reputable specialist wine magazines:
  • Food & Wine (+advertorial)
  • Wine & Spirits                 
  • Beverage Media
  1. Οnline advertising on the following sites:
  • Wine Enthusiast      
  • Wine Spectator                     
  • Beverage media     
  • Terroirist      
  • Wine Curmudgeon
  • Snooth      
  • Bottlenotes
  • The Daily Sip National Dedicated E-mail         
  • The Daily Sip Branded Edit E-mail display      


Advertising plan to promote Greek wine in the magazine Revue des Vins de France China (circulation 160,000 copies, aimed at high income wine lovers and professionals interested in high-quality wine).

To coincide with the advertisement, the magazine printed two editorials about Greek wine.


Insert (in Portuguese) to promote Greek wine in the most important Brazilian wine magazine, Adega (published monthly with a circulation of 21,000 copies, aimed at high income wine lovers and professionals interested in high-quality wine).


The visit by five food and wine journalists from Brazil took place from 31 May to 4 June.

The group visited the wine producing regions of Attiki, Santorini and Nemea.

The purpose of the trip was not just for journalists to find out about the quality potential of Greek vineyards, but also for them to write about it afterwards. The journalists were chosen on the basis of their reputation and influence in the Brazilian wine market. 


Participation of New Wines of Greece in the Aspen Food & Wine Classic, 20-22 June 2014

The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen is a top trendsetting event attracting U.S. food and drink VIPs including celebrity chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, journalists, importers, distributors, and buyers from chains of restaurants, hotels, cruise ships etc. The festival was sold out yet again this year, despite the ticket price of $1350, attracting 5000 people, mainly professionals from the food service and drinks sectors, but also consumers. It should be noted that 65% of consumers who attend the festival are aged 25 to 54, while 38% are men and 62% women. Average family income is above $360,000. They travel an average of seven times a year for pleasure, while almost a hundred percent of them eat in restaurants on a weekly basis. Finally, 85% of exhibitors at Aspen consider the consumers who attend the festival to be influencers.

The festival consists of five Grand Tastings, more than 80 food and wine seminars, not to mention unique parties, themed dinners, and other fascinating culinary events.


SIAL CHINA 2014 (SHANGHAI, 13-15 MAY 2014)

Greece took part with 21 companies in two exhibition areas: hall Ν4, where 14 companies exhibited their food products in an area of 178 square metres, and hall N1, dedicated to wine and other alcoholic drinks, where seven wine producers occupied an area of 126 square metres.  

VINEXPO ASIA PACIFIC 2014 (27-29 May 2014)

The show is held in even years in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (and in odd years in Bordeaux). 

TOPWINE CHINA 2014 (BEIJING, 4-6 June 2014)

Topwine China is the most important wine exhibition for North and Central China, and takes place every year (4-6 June) in Beijing. it is seen as the most significant wine show in Beijing and attracts wine professionals from North, Northeast and East China.

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