How to promote a product in foreign markets

In general, the promotional tools available to a business in foreign markets are the same as in the domestic market. These are:

  • Advertising: particular attention should be paid to choosing the appropriate tools that will have an impact on the potential consumer
  • Promotional material: material developed and distributed in the local market may well have to be redesigned and rewritten
  • E-mails: messages can be sent directly to potential target customers only with experience of the market and effective market research.
  • Personal visits: personal contacts with potential customers is probably the best form of promotion. In many cases, this also depends on the business culture of the target market 
  • Participation in trade fairs Participating in trade fairs not only promotes products and the business, but also provides an opportunity to get to know the market and the competition. Where it is difficult to participate in a trade fair, the business-owner can visit it.
  • Company website: every exporter must have a website for advertising purposes and to help serve customers abroad. However, it is also necessary to monitor it and keep it updated, so that the information it contains is current. The aim is not simply to have a website but also to update it frequently, because a site with out-of-date information will do a business more harm than good.

As an official public body, Enterprise Greece organises the Greek participation in selected international trade fairs around the world (about 40 each year) in different sectors such as food & beverages, consumer goods, construction, industry, etc. It also organises business delegations to target countries and invites foreign buyers to meet them. For more information,
call 210 3355700 or visit the contact page.

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