Investor's Ombudsman

Asset 1Are you implementing an investment project in Greece the value of which exceeds 2,000,000 Euro, and encountering difficulties related to State Services?

The Enterprise Greece Investor Ombudsman now serves as a valuable mediator in the process, offering you, free of charge, fast, transparent and responsible support to accelerate your invetment project.

Enterprise Greece offers the service of the Ombudsman to both domestic and international investors. The Investor Ombudsman is an internationally recognised practice that is designed to unblock and facilitate the implementation of investment projects. Our goal is to improve the institutional business framework of Greece and to provide friendlier services to investors.

The Investor Ombudsman is available for investment projects exceeding the value of two million (2,000,000) Euro. The Ombudsman is to mediate during the licensing procedure in which specific bureaucratic obstacles, delays, disputes or other difficulties arise (related to State services and State actors vis a vis the investor) that lead to intractable differences, a deadlock, a standstill or similar difficulties regarding the investment project. 

Learn more about the role of the Enterprise Greece Investor Ombudsman, and how you may contact the Ombudsman office, and arrange a meeting, to benefit from the services provided to facilitate the progress of your investment project. 


Contact Details: Τ: +30 210 33 55 700, Ε: ombudsman@eg.gov.gr

Investor's Ombudsman - Service Description

The Investor Ombudsman handles specific complaints by investors related to State services during the licensing procedure of their investment projects. This service is designed to facilitate the investment procedure in an equitable and impartial...