Investor's Ombudsman - Service Description

Asset 1The Investor Ombudsman handles specific complaints by investors related to State services during the licensing procedure of their investment projects. This service is designed to facilitate the investment procedure in an equitable and impartial process so that investment may grow as a sustainable driver of economic growth and investors may proceed as efficiently as possible with their investment.

In Greece, the Investor Ombudsman is available for investment projects exceeding the value of two million (2,000,000) Euro. The Ombudsman mediates during the licensing procedure and where specific bureaucratic obstacles, delays, disputes or other difficulties arise (related to State services and State actors vis a vis the investor) that lead to intractable differences, a deadlock, a standstill or similar difficulties regarding the investment project.

The Investor Ombudsman provides its services upon request regarding an already existing problem. The service is offered complimentary. 

Investor Ombudsman – Entrepreneurship Mediator

Which services does the Investor Ombudsman offer?

The Ombudsman offers, directly to investors, these services:

  • Receives and examines investors’ special requests regarding specific cases of delays or other difficulties preventing the implementation of investment projects.
  • Collects supportive documents needed to examine each case.
  • Identifies the competent public authorities and the stage of each case.
  • Requests and receives comprehensive information on each specific project/case and estimates the factors causing delays.
  • Cooperates with the competent authorities to accelerate the resolution of specific cases and monitors the resolution process.

How may an investor address the Investor Ombudsman?

Given that an investor’s project exceeds the value of two million (2,000,000) Euro, and encounters specific obstacles, such as delays, disputes or other difficulties related to State services during the licensing procedure, the investor may submit his/her request for a meeting with the Enterprise Greece Investor Ombudsman either online or by telephone: +30 210 33 55 700.

Arrange your meeting with the Investor Ombudsman now

To arrange your meeting with the Investor Ombudsman: 

  •  Online: please click on the right side of this page and submit the 1) date and time that you request a meeting, and 2) complete the contact form. Following the submission of your request, you will receive an e-mail and a personal telephone contact regarding the scheduled date and hour of your meeting with the Investor Ombudsman at the premises of Enterprise Greece
  • Telephone / e-mail: please contact the Enterprise Greece Investor Ombudsman: Τ: +30 210 33 55 700, Ε: ombudsman@eg.gov.gr


Please read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the Investor Ombudsman, including what kinds of cases fall within its scope. 


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