Global Business Services

Global Business Services

Greece attracts a worldwide interest for the establishment of intra-group service centers offering immense opportunities for centralized middle and back office functions. Being in a geostrategic location, perfectly accessible in a +/- 2h time zone, Greece is an EU member state offering a convenient destination for global IT-enabled services.

Greece admittedly offers today a pro-business environment, a modern legal framework for global business services, highly-qualified and multilingual talent, competitive labor cost and office space rentals and incentives to support job creation and professional training. The operating ecosystem for BPOs is currently evolving with recent market entries of leading business process outsourcing providers setting up large scale operations in metropolitan areas of Greece, thus creating appoximately  5,000 new job positions investing in local top quality talent.

Leading multinational groups in key global industries choose Greece to centralize back office activities in fields of accounting & finance, R&D, technology & engineering and omnichannel customer experience.

Greece holds a very strong position in higher education statistics, 44% of people aged 30-34 years have a higher education degree, compared to the European Union average of 40%. Greek engineers are included in the Economist's global top 20 ICT human resources pool and have topped the ITU/ICT development index. During the recent academic years over 100,000 students were enrolled in ICT sciences and engineering, over 40,000 student outflows in foreign languages and literatures, over 20,000 Master’s Degrees and PhDs in natural sciences and engineering. Science & technology are integral parts of the Greek education system and the number of STEM graduates of all education levels is increasing significantly thus creating a rich pool of talent.

Business services are currently evolving in Athens, capital city of Greece, and Thessaloniki, second largest city as well as in other Greek cities listed as top tourism destinations, multicultural communities and grown technological ecosystems. What is more, the Greek telecommunications companies have already adopted leading digital practices across their operations making multimillion investments to improve infrastructure and are ready to invest in big data capabilities and also create omnichannel customer experience. The same holds for the digital transformation of the Greek banking sector and the emergence of financial technologies and digital payment systems. Cost efficiencies are achieved due to the improvements in the regulatory framework and targeted government policies to support entrepreneurship and employment in knowledge driven and technological intensive activities across all sectors of the economy. Labor legislation allows for more flexibility and the Greek office market offers many alternatives from Grade A office space at relatively lower rates to corporate-friendly co-working space.

Greece scores high on all major factors taken into consideration when choosing a new country for relocating, such as quality of life, regulated environment, secure living conditions in urban and rural areas, access to efficient services, strong public health system, residence privileges for family members, multicultural and multilingual cities, and freedom to travel, among others. Despite its relatively small geographic size, Greece features a particularly diverse natural environment, providing many recreational opportunities. These elements, combined with a lively lifestyle blending of both ancient and modern Mediterranean culture makes Greece a simply extraordinary place to be - and a wonderful place to call home.

Attractive incentives are in place part of Greece’s legal framework for shared services centers and BPOs since new job creation and vocational training are major priorities for the country. R&D activity is strongly supported by generous tax incentives and Actions targeted to priority sectors of the Greek economy.

Main investment opportunities

  • Product Design & Development
  • Technical Support & Data centers
  • Assembly and distribution of ICT products
  • Omni channel contact centers & marketing
  • R&D Centres
  • Intragroup service centres in accounting, HR and logistics

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