Inclusion Procedure

Learn more about the inclusion of investment proposals in the Procedure of "Acceleration and transparency of implementation of Strategic Investments". Please find information on the entry criteria, and download the application for inclusion in the procedure.

1. Inclusion Criteria

For the purposes of the implementation of the provisions of this Law, Strategic Investments shall be construed as those productive investments which relate specifically to the construction, reconstruction, expansion, restructuring, modernisation or maintenance of existing infrastructure, facilities and networks: a. in manufacturing, b. in the energy sector, c. in tourism, d. in transport and communications, e. in the provision of health services, f. in waste management, g. in projects of high-end technology and innovation, h. in the education sector, i. in the culture sector, j. in the primary sector and the processing of agri-foodstuffs, and k. in the provision of services of the tertiary sector in general, provided that they meet  at least one of the following conditions: 

  1. The total cost of the investment exceeds 100 million Euro
  2. The total cost of the investment exceeds 15 million Euro, for investments in the industry sector in currently operating industrial zones or 3 million Euro for investments that are approved projects within the JESSICA fund context

  3. The total cost of the investment is over 40 million Euro and concurrently creates at least 120 new employment positions 

  4. At least 150 new employment positions are created from the investment in a viable manner or at least 600 jobs are retained

  5. The investment cost exceeds 5 million Euro for the development of business parks

For the inclusion of the investment proposals to the Strategic Investments Procedure, the following shall be taken into consideration, in particular: (a) the viability of the proposed (or existing) investment and the creditworthiness of the investor, and (b) the transfer of knowledge and expertise; the estimated employment retention or growth; the country’s regional or local development; the strengthening of entrepreneurship and competitiveness of the national economy, and especially industry; the adoption of innovation and high-end technology; the increase of export activity; and environmental protection and energy conservation.  

2. Brief Guide for Private Strategic Investments

Download here the Brief Guide of the Procedure of Acceleration and Transparency of Implementation of Private Strategic Investments.

3. Inclusion Application to the Provisions of Law 3894/2010, as applicable

Download here the application for inclusion in Law 3894/2010 – Acceleration and Transparency regarding the Realization of Strategic Investments.


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