Construction of Concentrated Solar Power plant in Fournia

Solar Power Plant Lassithi EPE

The investor’s request for the inclusion of its investment proposal in the Strategic Investments Procedures of Law No. 3894/10 has been approved by the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments (Official Government Gazette 1787, Issue B, June 6th 2012), and the investment has been included in the Fast Track procedure.


SOLAR POWER PLANT LASSITHI EPE will build a solar power plant (station) for electricity production. The proposed project involves the installation of a 70 MW total capacity park. The project will be installed in “Fournia”, Municipality Entity Itanos, Municipality of Sitia, Regional Entity of Lassithi, Region of Crete.

Electricity production will reach approximately 168.000 MWh annually. This volume is equal to the consumption of 50,000 households. The total investment is valued at 268 million Euros.

The investment will improve quality of life and will enhance the energy independence of the island. Benefits are: 

  • Economic foreign exchange benefits due to the reduced use of oil
  • Ecological and environmental benefits of using RES 
  • Strengthening Greek know-how and enhancement of electricity production
  • Independence from imported, conventional energy sources
  • Creation of local government revenue of up to 1.5 million Euros annually
  • Reduction of unemployment by employing 650 workers during the construction period and 70 workers during the period of commercial operation
  • Contribution to meeting the goals set by the European Union on energy efficiency