Investment Plan in Energy Confirmed


The investor’s request for the inclusion of its investment proposal in the Strategic Investments Procedures of Law No. 3894/10 has been approved by the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments (Official Government Gazette 1441, Issue B, May 2nd 2012), and the investment has been included in the Fast Track procedure.

The project involves the development of a high technology 100MW, solar power plant in the Municipality of Prosotsani, Region of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace. BRITE HELLAS SA is the owner of this project, budgeted at €204 million.

The impact of the investment, both on local and Greek economy, will be positive. It is estimated that during the materialisation phase of the investment some hundreds of local people will be employed, and 50 new permanent jobs will be created during the operation period of the park. In addition, a significant part of the equipment (metal mounts, shelters) is to be supplied by companies in the region, which will benefit the local industry and economy.

On a national level, the investment will contribute to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 140,000 tons per year, corresponding to the electricity production from burning 400,000 tons of lignite.

It is notably important that a portion of the revenues from the operation of the plant will be used to create a pilot production line for innovative translucent solar panels that can be used as windows in homes, office buildings and greenhouses. The ultimate objective of BRITE HELLAS SA is to create an integrated solution for the mass production of translucent photovoltaic modules into existing glass production lines at a very competitive cost.