PRAVITA ESTATE – Golf, eco leisure, luxury resort in Polygyros Chalkidiki


The investor’s request for the inclusion of its investment proposal in the Strategic Investments Procedures of Law No. 3894/10 has been approved by the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments (Official Government Gazette 2931, Issue B, November 20th, 2013), and the investment has been included in the Fast Track procedure. Project Owner is PRAVITA HOLDING & DEVELOPMENT S.A.

The project PRAVITA ESTATE is planned to take place in the heart of Chalkidiki, one of the leading tourist destinations internationally. Indicatively, the project includes the development of a) three hotel complexes, b) spa - physiotherapy and fitness center, c) four golf courses, d) residences of bioclimatic architecture and traditional design, e) one conference center, etc.

The investment plan was designed with respect for the environment and attempts to highlight the unique natural beauty of the area. The project’s overall investment cost amounts to approx. €796 million and is expected to create 1.343 jobs during operation time. 

Strategic objective of the investor is to achieve a sustainable, economically viable development, which preserves and showcases the natural environment of the location and the traditional character of the area.