Submitted Projects

Strategic Investments are realised by either the Government or individuals or through public-private partnerships.

Please find information regarding investment projects for which an application has been submitted for assessment for inclusion in the Fast Track procedure.

The investment projects, whose files including all relevant investment petitions, supportive documents, statements, representation, information or any other relevant to the investment documentation have been submitted to ENTERPRISE GREECE S.A., but not yet approved as strategic investments, are not automatically considered as “strategic investments” by means of law 3894/2010 and therefore shall not necessarily be accepted by the competent Department as such.

All information or documents submitted by potential investors are accepted by ENTERPRISE GREECE S.A. solely on the basis that the investors shall be responsible and liable for the content, accuracy, reliability and correctness of such information.

No responsibility whatsoever is taken by ENTERPRISE GREECE S.A. for any information or other relevant document submitted for the support of the investment project, regarding any third party, related to the potential investor to be evaluated by ENTERPRISE GREECE S.A..

ENTERPRISE GREECE S.A. explicitly states that only the investments stated as “confirmed projects” in the company’s webpage, after they have been evaluated and approved by the Interministerial Committee of Strategic Investments as such, are considered “strategic investments” by means of law 3894/2010. Changes in circumstances may occur but such information will be instantly provided online.

ENTERPRISE GREECE S.A. waives from any damage may occur to any third party, as per the misinterpretation of the fact of the submission of a file for evaluation to ENTERPRISE GREECE S.A. and explicitly states that the submission of such a file does not bind the competent Department for its acceptance as “strategic investment” by means of law 3894/2010.

ELPEN Pharmaceutical Inc -The company plans to invest in the field of research and development by building a new Center for Applied Biomedical Research and a pharmaceutical plant with a strong export orientation
LENTAS RESORT & SPA| Construction of an integrated touristic complex
CAPE THOLOS LUXURY RESORT | An integrated tourist resort with the development of a holiday village, 5 * hotels and a marina
REJECTED according to ICSI decision, with number: 18/21-06-2013
ELEMENT CONSULTING ENERGY LTD | Development of 9 Photovoltaic parks of 249 MW total capacity in the region of Thessaly
REJECTED according to ICSI decision, with number: 19/21-06-2013
BIBAS ANANEOSIMES PIGES ENERGIAS TWO ETERIA PERIORISMENIS EFTHINIS | Solar - thermal project of 100MW situated in Avlona, Attiki
REJECTED according to ICSI decision, with number: 20/21-06-2013
E-R POLYRRIZOS WIND FARMS SA | Development of photovoltaic power plant with a total capacity of 70 MW in the Region of Kozani
AGYIA S.A. | Tourist Investment on Ithaca Island in the Ionian Sea. “Ithaca Resort” is a luxury leisure - residential integrated resort development, comprising 5 star hotels, a prime Golf Course and Club House, Marina, Conference facilities and luxurious
CONSORTIUM SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS LTD | Construction and operation of a Photovoltaic Cluster of 470 MW total power
SPORTSLAND S.A. | Tourist investment in Viotia, Region of Central Greece
VITA PROTI S.A. | Construction and operation of an Innovative Cultural and Commercial Recreational Park in prefecture of Heraklion, Crete
VODAFONE –PANAFON AEET. | Development and Operation of a fixed Next Generation Access network NGA
Μitsis Group of Companies | Construction of 3 new 5 star Hotels, 225 rooms/450 beds, at Mykonos, Elia
ARCADIA CULTURAL RESORT AND SPA | Tourism investment, comprising of several hotel units, a spa, theatre, marina and sport and recreational facilities
PANITA TD | Development of a complex shopping mall located within the boundaries of the Municipalities of Metamorfosi and Lykovrysi – Pefki
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