Monday, 5 April 2021

G. Filiopoulos on Foreign Investments in Greece


G. Filiopoulos on Foreign Investments in Greece

Greece is internationally recognised for premium holiday appeal with many opportunities for international investment.

Enterprise Greece, a trade and investment agency, supports international investors before project realisation, during project implementation and offer tailer-made after-care services. They also identify and propose investment opportunities in key sectors of the economy, particularly in tourism and real estate.

The "business matching service" offers investors an opportunity to establish or expand their presence within Greece.

In relation to tourism, Filiopoulos said "the main factor likely to save the hospitality market in Greece will be the strong performance of the Greek tourism sector in recent years."

The green passport will certainly provide a significant boost to tourism and Filiopoulos says "it has been well received by aviation, travel and tourism bodies in Europe and around the world."