Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Creta Farms Australian Deal


Creta Farms Australian Deal

The owners of Greek company Creta Farms, Takis and Manolis Domazakis, have signed an “industrial franchising” deal with a top charcuterie company in Australia. The agreement, secured amid the difficult times that the Greek market currently faces, shows the range of domestic and international opportunities available to Greek food companies.
The alliance of Creta Farms with Australian Primo Meats is based on a licensing agreement which gives authorisation to the Australian company to use the intellectual property of Creta Farms (know-how, patents, trade name). Under Australian Primo Meats’ oversight, Creta Farms will achieve maximum performance, capitalizing on investments of the last 10 years to guarantee the establishment of its products around the world.
The cooperation will last for at least 5 years. Creta Farms sales during this period are expected to reach 400 million Australian dollars. Furthermore, the deal has a guaranteed execution rate and includes royalties. It also includes a 5 million dollar plan for the local promotion of Creta Farms products.