Tuesday, 20 September 2022





І. Ukraine’s investment market: current state and forecasts

9:00 – 10:00

The post-war reconstruction of Ukraine opens up significant investment opportunities for foreign investors. However, the success of attracting investment into the economy will depend on fundamental factors such as the availability of private investment insurance, regulatory policies and government support programs.

David Arakhamia, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Chairman, “Servant of the People” Party Parliamentary Faction
Rostyslav Shurma, Deputy Head, Office of the President of Ukraine

Halyna Yanchenko, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Head of the Temporary  Special Commission of the Verkhovna Rada on Protection of Investors’ Rights
Oleh Nemchinov, Minister, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
John W.H. Denton, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce

10:00 – 10:10

Insurance for private investments: UkraineInvest research
Sergiy Tsivkach, Executive Director, UkraineInvest

10:10 – 11:10

І.  Agro processing and food products

A stable agricultural sector of Ukraine is instrumental for ensuring global food security. The military aggression pointed to the most vulnerable aspect of the agricultural sector of Ukraine – lack of logistics diversification. One of the solutions to this problem would be processing of raw materials on the territory of Ukraine. To this end, projects in such areas as grain agro-processing, production of meat and dairy products, production of corn processing products will be showcased within the event.

  • Presentation of sectoral research on Agro Processing and food products 
    Grain processing meat food products and dairy complex; production of organic products; means of protection and development of agricultural products, product certification.
    Oksana Tkachuk, Head of Investment Advisory Department, UkraineInvest 

Presentation of investment projects

  • Lysine Processing Plant – $ 128 mln
    The project is aimed at developing a unique biotechnological enterprise with no analogues in Ukraine that will focus on producing feed additives, gluten, starch, GFS, etc. Implementation of the project envisages creation of 450 new jobs to boost the development of the Kyiv region. 
    Serhiy Krolevets, Owner, Eridon Group
  • Cattle Growing and Slaughter House – $ 44 mln
    The project envisages a vertically integrated business model with 20 000 premium genetics herds and a modern highly-technological processing facility that will provide marble meat ready for export. 
    Serhiy Krolevets, Owner, Eridon Group
  • Agroprocessing Industrial Park – $ 300 – 1000 mln
    The project provides for creation of 3+ specialized industrial techno parks near Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Vinnytsia to be equipped with breakthrough technologies in agri food industry. 
    Alex Kovalenko, Co-founder, U PARKS, Сo-ideologist, VOLIA, Founder, EPIKUR
  • Project presentation – TBD
    Yevgeny Sadovy, Director of Agricultural Processing, Astarta-Kyiv

    Moderator: TBD

11:10 – 12:10

ІІ. Transportation and Logistics

Despite the difficulties faced by the transportation and logistics sector of Ukraine as a result of the full-scale invasion, in July 2022 the EU included Ukrainian logistics routes to the Trans-European Transport Network. This will enhance development of multimodal transportation, reduce logistics costs, and foster attraction of European investments aimed at modernizing the sector. 

  • Presentation of sectoral research on Transport and Logistics
    Restoration of logistics capacities to meet the needs of trade and production;
    development of logistics hubs near borders and large airports; automation in the logistics industry; development of land logistics partnership with EU countries; mining of lithium.
    Andrii Pavliv, Investment Advisor, UkraineInvest

Presentation of investment projects

  • Logistics Hubs – $ 450 mln
    The project envisages construction of 700 000 m2 of A-class warehouse complexes, equipped with new technological equipment near Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro and Odesa, designed to address the lack of high-quality warehouses in Ukraine caused by the war.
    Andrii Dligach, CEO, Advanter Group, Сo-founder, Center for Economic Recovery
  • A-class Logistics Complex – $ 34 mln
    A-class Logistics Complex project aimed at adhering to rebuilding Ukraine’s logistics services and the transition to 4PL within the next 5-10 years. 
    Larysa Melnychuk, Chief Investment Officer, ZAMMLER UKRAINE
  • Lithium mining in Ukraine – project presentation 
    Presentation outlines general information about lithium development projects in EU & Ukraine providing EV related market and industry insights, drivers and trends
    Mykhailo Zhernov, Non-executive Director, European Lithium Public Company

    Moderator: TBD

12:10 – 13:10

ІІІ. Production of building materials

As of August 2022, the amount of direct damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure due to the war accounts for $ 113.5 bln.The post-war reconstruction of Ukraine will significantly increase the demand for building materials. Construction industry and production of building materials in the post-war period is expected to become one of the key drivers of economic growth in Ukraine.

  • Presentation of sectoral research on Production of building materials  Reconstruction of Ukraine with domestically produced materials; modern technologies in the production of building materials.
    Andrii Ryzvaniuk, Investment Advisor, UkraineInvest

Presentation of investment projects

  • Building Technology Campus – € 200 mln
    The global leader in advanced insulation and energy-efficient building solutions completed its exit from the russian market and is ready to relocate businesses to Ukraine. Kingspan Group is inclined to develop a new Building Technology Campus in Ukraine within the next five years and create 600+ jobs. 
    Mike Stenson, Head of Innovation, Kingspan Group

    Moderator: TBD

13:10 – 13:30

ІV. Autumn 2022: the top-5 privatization opportunities (duration -TBD)

Starting from September 2022, small privatization resumed in Ukraine offering opportunities of asset privatization worth up to UAH 250 million. The goal of small privatization is to attract entrepreneurs who can quickly restore or modernize production facilities, in particular export-oriented, create new jobs and establish effective operational activities.

Rustem Umerov, Chairman, State Property Fund of Ukraine


Andy Hunder, President, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

  • Project presentations – TBD

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