Monday, 13 October 2014

Goody’s Expands to Australia


Goody’s Expands to Australia

According to an announcement by the Greece’s Group Vivartia, its first Goody’s restaurant will open in Melbourne. The company selected by Vivartia for the exclusive development of Goody’s restaurants in Australia is the Mediterranean Fast Casual Restaurants Ltd, led by Greek-Australian Kostas Tagalakis, renowned for his experience in the world of business management.
In cooperation with Vivartia, Mediterranean Fast Casual Restaurants aims to launch at least 10 restaurants in Australia’s major cities. Vivartia added that the expansion in Australia is the first step of a five-year plan that will see the further expansion of Goody’s into foreign markets.
Goody’s has operated in the Greek market since 1975. It is currently the largest Greek food chain, with more than 150 restaurants in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, FYROM and Belarus.