Friday, 4 July 2014

NY Food Show 2014


NY Food Show 2014

More than 30 food companies from Greece and Cyprus participated in New York City’s largest summer food show—that included more than 2,730 exhibitors from all around the world.

The 60th Summer Fancy Food Show came to an end at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York with 2,730 specialty food makers, importers and entrepreneurs representing the latest new products and trends from 49 countries, marking it the largest show to date. The event that attracted 28,000 buyers took place June 29–July 1, 2014, amid record demand for specialty food.

Thousands of buyers from top names in U.S. retail and restaurants, including Whole Foods, Kroger, Dean &DeLuca, Gourmet Garage, Mollie Stone’s Markets, were present at the event.

Americans have a growing appetite for specialty food, with U.S. sales reaching $88.3 billion in 2013, a record high for the fourth year in a row and a jump of 18.4 percent since 2011.

Greek food manufacturers and distributors attracted major attention from media and attendees, proving that Greek food products are starting to receive their deserved attention in a nation that praises the Mediterranean diet, but is  not yet familiar with many Greek food brands.

Greek gourmet-foods producer Agrovim attracted major attention, with the help of actor Billy Zane, who visited New York to announce his involvement in the brand’s best selling Olive Oil, Iliada.

Delta Foods, a major player in the Greek dairy industry, was also at the show promoting its Greek yogurt in the American, billion-dollar market.

Other Greek and Cypriot companies that participated in the show included: Artemis, CharalampidesChristis, NeophytouSerano Nuts, Entopia Oil, Farmhouse, Georgoudis, Greektopia, Kanakis, KritonArtos, Kyknos, Melissa, Mitsides, Nestos, NeraKritis, Olive Vision, Pavlides, Panprod, Papouis, Phoenicia Specialty, Pittas Dairy, Real Greek Wines, Rodoula Pastries, Royal Tsatsoulis, Sevitel Oil, Siouras Olives, Soya Hellas, Stylis Olives, Tsatsakis Cretan Breads, Vianos Oil, and Zanae.

The trade-only event is the largest marketplace devoted exclusively to specialty foods and beverages in North America.