Thursday, 17 February 2022

Agri-Food and Greek Gastronomy at Expo 2020 Dubai


Agri-Food and Greek Gastronomy at Expo 2020 Dubai

Athens, 17 February 2022 | In the lead-up to the Greek national participation in the 26th international exhibition GULFOOD 2002, Enterprise Greece organized a tasting event for Greek gastronomy, with the participation of the Greek food exporters taking part in GULFOOD 2022.

The event was held on February 16, at the Efzin restaurant, lead by chef Alexandros Sperxos and located on the first floor of the Greek pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai. The Secretary General for International Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Board of Enterprise Greece, Ioannis Smyrlis, and the Executive Director and Member of the Board of Enterprise Greece, Betty Alexandropoulou, hosted the event addressed to Greek enterprises and their associates, who are participating in the 26th International Exhibition GULFOOD 2022.

Greece is participating in the Expo 2020 Dubai Exhibition with the motto "Greece Tomorrow, Today”. The Greek presence at Expo 2020 Dubai aims to highlight the contemporary profile of Greece – the country’s innovation, digital transformation, and its attractiveness as an investment destination, with a globally oriented, modern economy and a dynamic export sector. The exhibition will run until March 31, 2022.

The Greek pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai presents the eight strategic pillars that are, at the same time, the eight comparative advantages of the Greek economy: technology & innovation, energy, shipping, tourism & culture, human capital, industry, agri-food and life sciences. Agri-food has a special place in the Greek pavilion of Expo 2020 and is one of the main strategic pillars featured.

Enterprise Greece is the organizer of the Greek participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, and supports the extroversion of the Greek economy, the attraction of investments and the promotion of domestic products in international markets. Enterprise Greece supports all targeted promotions for the food & beverage industry, such as participation in Gulfood 2022, MDR (Mediterranean Diet Roundtable), Connect Exhibition, Prowein 2022, SIAL Paris 2022, among dozens of other actions. The main goal is the production of high quality products, the promotion of the Greek brand, as well as the promotion of Greek food products in international markets, in order to highlight the role of the domestic food and beverage industry in the world map of food production.

The Efzin (‘living well’ in Greek) restaurant reinterprets Greek gastronomic culture.
With high quality raw materials from the Greek soil, using the Mediterranean diet as a core and inspired by traditional cuisine, the Efzin restaurant at Expo 2020 Dubai showcases the treasures produced thanks to the biodiversity and unique growing conditions of the Greek fields.

Carrying the memories of his childhood in Kalavrita, the distinguished chef Alexandros Sperxos, serves delicious Greek cuisine to the visitors of the international exhibition. Traditional recipes, executed with a fresh look, highlight the plethora of local products and Greece’s gastronomic wealth. Modern versions of moussaka, dakos, and traditional stews are just some of the creations included in the menu of the Efzin restaurant, where olive oil, herbs and products of incomparable quality and nutritional value play the most important role.