Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Enterprise Greece | Seminar for Greek exporters


Enterprise Greece | Seminar for Greek exporters

Athens, 16 April 2019 | Enterprise Greece held a well-attended seminar for Greek exporters on the international private label market and its opportunities for Greek exports. The seminar took place in Athens in the lead-up to the national participation in the PLMA's Private Label International Private Label Exhibition, which will take place in Amsterdam on 20-22 May 2019.

The main speaker of the seminar was the President of the Private Label Manufacturers’ Association (PLMA) Brian Sharoff, who spoke about trends in the ever-changing environment of organized retail and the opportunities in the private label (PL) category. He also highlighted the benefits of participating in the exhibitions organized by PLMA in major world markets, including Europe, the US and China.

Invited speakers were Mr. Apostolou, President of the Canning Association of Greece (CSR), who focused on exports of canned peaches, the most prominent Greek food product in the PL market with remarkably high export numbers worldwide.

Also, Mr. Kalogridis, Director of Trade and Exports of KANAKI, presented a case study of how his company achieved growth of PL exports in the international market. Subsequently, Mr. Docoumetsidis, a representative of AB Vassilopoulos, briefed participants on the group's policies in the PL category. Finally, Mr. Papapanagiotou, Deputy General Manager of the Export Credit Insurance Organization (OAEP), spoke about the services and support the organization offers to Greek companies through export credit insurance.

According to recent data, the private label products sector continues to grow its market share, currently at around 30% in 17 of the 20 European countries that Nielsen is monitoring for PLMA.

The seminar was attended by 80 Greek companies active in the production and marketing of private label products. The upcoming exhibition in Amsterdam provides participants with the opportunity to present private label products to a wide range of prospective customers, including major retailers, importers, supermarkets and discount supermarkets, wholesalers, etc. from Europe, South and North America, Asia and Africa.

Brian Sharoff President Private Label Manufacturers Association

Photo caption: Chronis Kalogridis, Director of Trade and Exports of KANAKI

Χρόνης Καλογρίδης Διευθυντής εμπορίου και εξαγωγών Hellenic Quality Foods S.A. ΚΑΝΑΚΙ

Photo caption: Brian Sharoff, President of the Private Label Manufacturers’ Association.