Friday, 7 June 2024

“Doing business in Germany”- Greek products win the German market


“Doing business in Germany”- Greek products win the German market

Athens, June 7th, 2024 | The very good level of Greek-German relations was confirmed during the "Doing business in Germany" event, organized by Enterprise Greece, in cooperation with the Office for Economic & Commercial Affairs at the Greek Embassy in Berlin, on Tuesday, June 4th, 2024.

The twenty-second (22nd) webinar of the series "Doing Business in... challenges and opportunities" was also the second after 2020, which was dedicated to Germany, one of Greece's most important trading partners. The success of the event was confirmed by the 140 registrations in total and by the participation of distinguished institutional representatives from the Greek Embassy in Berlin and chambers of commerce, as well as speakers from the Greek business community.

During the event, the characteristics of the German market were highlighted, as these have been shaped, especially during the period of stagnation that the German economy is going through and which Greek outward-oriented companies, especially those operating in the primary and secondary sector of food and beverages, are called upon to take into serious consideration.

Consumers in Germany continue to attribute great importance to value for money, but also to environmental protection and the use of new technologies. Greek products, adapted to these conditions, show excellent prospects by participating in many international exhibitions that take place on German territory.  Thanks to the recognition they have gained due to many Greeks residing in the country and the millions of German tourists visiting Greece, all speakers underlined the importance of promoting and showcasing the Greek branded high-added-value product, the "Greek brand".

The event was opened by the CEO of Enterprise Greece, Dr. Marinos Giannopoulos, who stated, among other things: "Germany is one of Greece's main trading partners, holding the 3rd place among the destinations for Greek exports and the first among the countries of origin for our country's imports. Given that it will be the country of honour at the upcoming 88th International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki, the "Doing business in Germany" event becomes even more valuable and confirms that the trade relations between the two countries not only have a past and present but also a future, which is certainly dynamic and has enormous potential."

The Greek Embassy in Germany was represented by Mr. Theodoros Xypolias, General Consultant of Economic and Commercial Affairs (ECA) at the Berlin Office for Economic & Commercial Affairs, who stated: "Holding events such as the webinar, aimed at the German Economy and the developments and prospects of the German market, which is a top priority for Greek export companies, is an important opportunity for detailed briefing. At the same time, they effectively contribute to strengthening the companies’ outward orientation in dynamic markets, such as that of Germany."