Friday, 27 January 2023

Doing business in Spain- The successful export webinars series continues with an important trade partner of Greece in the spotlight


Doing business in Spain- The successful export webinars series continues with an important trade partner of Greece in the spotlight

Athens, January 27, 2023| The series of successful export webinars series “Doing Business in –Challenges & Opportunities” continues this year. The seventeenth event themed “Doing Business in Spain” took place on Wednesday 25 January 2023, organized by Enterprise Greece - the Hellenic Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, in collaboration with the Economic and Commercial Affairs Office of the Greek Embassy in Madrid, on.

Doing Business in Spain brought together 270 registered participants and focused mostly on Shipping, Food & Beverage, Tourism, and Technology/Startups. During the event, the specific characteristics of the Spanish market and the bilateral economic-trade relations with Greece were discussed.

A brief welcome was delivered by the Managing Director and Executive Member of the Board of Enterprise Greece, Mrs Betty Alexandropoulou and His Excellence, the Ambassador of Greece to Madrid, Mr Elias Fotopoulos. Distinguished speakers of the spanish business community elaborated on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges faced greek exporting companies face, in order to penetrate and establish their operations in this strategic market.

Among all participants, the very good level of trade relations between the two countries was highlighted, which is confirmed by the recent Hellenic Statistical Authority data, according to which, Spain ranked 8th among the destination countries for greek exports, with a percentage of 3.9 %, for the period from January to November 2022. At the same time, the country of the Iberian Peninsula, ranked 12th among Greece’s top suppliers, with a share of 2.9 % of total greek imports. The greek products with growth prospects in Spain are pharmaceuticals, fish, kiwis, copper tubes, aluminum and other construction materials, jewelry, and cosmetics, while tourism, RES, and innovation are sectors with the highest growth prospects.

The invited speakers also exchanged useful information regarding the conditions that greek companies aiming to enter the Spanish market should meet. Among others, the need to study the market and institutions of the target country was stressed, given the decentralized nature of its 17 autonomous communities, as well as the knowledge of the Spanish language, which is estimated to contribute to the creation of stronger links.

Welcoming the event and referring to the cooperation of the two countries, the Executive Director and Executive Board member of Enterprise Greece, Ms Betty Alexandropoulou, said: “Spain is among the top 10 export markets for greek companies. Considering the high participation in the recent Doing Business in Spain — Challenges and Opportunities, we confirm the increased interest, as well as the very good level of our bilateral relations with Spain. Aiming to further strengthen these relations, Enterprise Greece organizes exhibitions, events, actions, and business missions for national participation in this country — as well as the upcoming MWC. It also joins forces with other organizations, such as the Spanish counterpart, ICEX, for closer cooperation and the organisation of joint actions. The series of events “Doing Business in... — Challenges and Opportunities”, organized with the Greek embassies and the Greek Offices of Commercial and Economic Affairs around the world, is another Hellenic state initiative aiming to help greek companies expand internationally”.

The Head of the Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Greek Embassy in Madrid, Mr Pantelis Gassios, said: “The Embassy of Greece in Madrid and the Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs joined forces with Enterprise Greece to deliver the successful online seminar entitled ‘Doing Business in Spain’. Together, we can provide evidence-based information and guide greek exporters and more generally greek companies wishing to operate in the spanish market, which is one of the most important foreign markets for Greece. The good knowledge of fair trade and processes, the market conditions and the creation of appropriate business contacts are the most essential tools for placing greek businesses in the highly interesting and potentially profitable spanish market”.