Thursday, 27 May 2021

Doing Business with Fur - Fur: a natural product that lasts for decades, an opportunity or a challenge?


Doing Business with Fur - Fur: a natural product that lasts for decades, an opportunity or a challenge?

Athens, 27 May 2021 | With more than 130 participants, Enterprise Greece, Greece’s national trade and investment agency, co – hosted on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021, in cooperation with the Hellenic Fur Federation, a virtual event for the fur industry titled: "Doing Business with Fur – Challenges and Opportunities."

The event is a differentiated version of Enterprise Greece’s already successful webinar series “Doing Business in…”. It is a service which comprises of customized digital events for which Enterprise Greece collaborates with the Offices of Economic and Commercial Affairs based in all Greek Embassies and Consulates around the world, aiming to inform Greek enterprises in all sectors on export opportunities worldwide.

The webinar "Doing Business with Fur – Challenges and Opportunities" focused on the fur industry, an important sector for the Greek economy, but also on its future challenges and opportunities. At the same time, participating entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to obtain timely and accurate information on the economic, environmental, and social framework as it shaped in the post-Covid-19 era.

The Environmental and Social Dimension of the Sustainability of the Sector was developed, in the two thematic sections of the event, as well as the trends and prospects in strategic markets of significant importance of the sector, such as those of Russia, Ukraine, South Korea and Canada. In presentations made by the executives of the Economic and Commercial Offices of the Greek Embassies in Moscow, Kiev, Seoul and Toronto, the arising export prospects for Greek enterprises were developed.

Based on available data, it appears that fur industry has maintained its momentum, despite the economic impact of the pandemic. In fact, the sector appeared particularly resilient, at a time when online sales almost monopolized the market, sales of fur in several markets remained stable or even developed further, while fur products did not benefit much, to no avail, from online sales.

It became apparent, that entrepreneurs in the fur industry must incorporate quality standards and adjust their products according to the requirements of each region.

The Executive Director and Member of the Board of Enterprise Greece, Ms. Betty Alexandropoulou and the President of the Hellenic Fur Federation, Mr. Apostolos Tsoukas, delivered a greeting speech at the event.

Ms. Alexandropoulou pointed out that: "Enterprise Greece supports the Greek fur industry on an ongoing basis with various services such as the organization of the national participation in the “International Hong Kong Fur & Fashion Fair”, as well as by hosting buyers and journalists at the "Kastoria International Fur Fair" In addition, the Executive Director briefly referred to other services and support available to Greek fur exporters by the agency, stating: "With all the above presented tools, Enterprise Greece contributes to the development of the Greek economy, to the growth of Greek exports, to the maintenance of employment and to prosperity of the regions of Northern Greece".

The President of the Hellenic Fur Federation, Mr. Tsoukas, said that, through the innovative webinar "Doing Business with Fur – Challenges & Opportunities", entrepreneurs of the sector were given the opportunity to acquire information on terms and conditions of the market as well as real market conditions, to become competitive in the four critical global markets (Russia, Ukraine, South Korea and Canada). "This consists of an extremely beneficial event, that sheds light and provides timely and accurate information at a time when everything is vague. I hope that the conclusions reached, will be beneficial for the businesses of our region", stressed Mr. Apostolos Tsoukas.

The intervention made by Ms. Maria Antoniou was also important. Ms. M. Antoniou, Head of the Prime Minister's Macedonia Office, referred to the substantial contribution of the fur industry to the growth of the Greek economy.

Mrs. Maria Spyrakis, Member of the European Parliament of the New Democracy Party, also attended the event. Mrs. M. Spyrakis, mentioned that the trend of "fast fashion" of cheap and low-quality clothes, is no longer a trend. The longer a garment lives, the less impact will have on everyone and especially the environment we live in. That is why, the future belongs to "slow fashion", and fur is a natural product that passes from generation to generation and lasts for decades, concluded Ms. Spyrakis.