Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Enterprise Greece & eBay Join Forces


Enterprise Greece & eBay Join Forces

Athens, 01 September 2020 | Enterprise Greece, the official investment and trade promotion agency of the Greece, and eBay, a world leading multinational e-commerce corporation, announced today their collaboration to empower Greek businesses for digital transformation and global success. A tailored program will promote Greek businesses via eBay’s global platform to 190 markets worldwide.

The partners will bring together capabilities and expertise to create a full-scale supportive Greek training program of how to become an eBay seller, as well as a virtual platform to enhance the visibility of first class Greek products, and at the same time provide eBay’s consumers with top quality, widely acknowledged Mediterranean products. The collaboration will also include a comprehensive training system, ongoing support, business development to a number of selected businesses, extended limits and a dedicated participation page in Greek.

Ilya Kretov, General Manager of eBay Global Emerging Markets welcomed this collaboration and mentioned “eBay has been transformed into something bigger than a marketplace solely for purchases.  It has become an important export vehicle and a major extroversion tool for businesses.  Greece, with a large number of small- and medium-sized enterprises, is a country of priority for us. Worth mentioning that, so far, in 2019 alone, 12,000 Greek companies have exported more than 1 million Greek products and we seek opportunities to invest and develop partnerships in Greece.  We are honored to collaborate with Enterprise Greece with which we share the same purpose, to give the impetus to Greek companies in order to develop their sales abroad and to highlight the value of Greek products around the world”.

Enterprise Greece Executive Director, Mrs. Betty Alexandropoulou commented that “our agency is committed to supporting Greek exporters in international markets and acquainting international consumers with high quality Greek products. Greek companies have managed to innovate and differentiate themselves, both in terms of product but also in terms of branding. Over the past 10 years, Greek companies have achieved significant market share abroad with traditional Greek ingredients and innovative marketing. During the pandemic, Enterprise Greece underwent substantial digital transformation in order to support the local business community to maintain their international presence. New initiatives included online Greek export catalogues, newsfeed with the latest developments across markets during Covid-19, “how to access foreign markets” and technical webinars, virtual B2Bs, digital "Support Greek Exports" campaigns promoting specific products / services. In this respect, we are extremely pleased to announce our collaboration with eBay and delighted to be embarking on this amazing digital journey that will help us reach even more consumers and markets.”

 With the aim for the Greek businesses to gain access to over 182 million potential buyers in 190 global markets though the power of technology and the global marketplace- eBay.com, this collaboration will open the door to new opportunities, raising awareness of Greek products all over the world.