Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Enterprise Greece & EDOAO Collaboration


Enterprise Greece & EDOAO Collaboration

Enterprise Greece and the National Inter-Professional Organization of Vine and Wine (EDOAO)jointly organised a press conference to present the results of the programme to promote quality wines in third-country markets in 2015-2016 and the programme for the next period. 

In his speech, the Chairman of Enterprise Greece, Christos Staikos, talked about the close collaboration and the development of projects between Enterprise Greece and EDOAO. As he said, the wine sector is dynamic, with a strategic plan to promote its products, and to this end is among the priorities for Enterprise Greece. 

He also referred to the financial support from the Ministry of Rural Development and Food as part of the EU funding of actions to promote wine in third countries, noting that in 2016, Enterprise Greece implemented a €1.3 million programme in five target-markets: the USA and Canada, Switzerland, China, Korea, and Japan. Many of these actions supported and complemented the EDOAO programme. 

More specifically, the programme included informational/educational events to present wines to professionals and wine journalists in Japan and Korea, visits by journalists from the specific countries to Greece so that they can get to know Greek wine, advertising campaigns and ads in wine publications.  

A wine bar with selected Greek wines was also organised at the following international exhibitions: Vinexpo in Hong Kong, Interwine in Canton, the Seoul Wines and Spirits Expο, and Summer Fancy Food in New York. The results of this initiative were very positive, increasing the interest in Greek wine in the countries concerned. 

The Chairman of the National Inter-Professional Organization of Vine and Wine of Greece, Yannis Voyatzis, referred in detail to EDOAO’s initiatives under the promotional programme for third countries, emphasising that thanks to the strategic plan, which is now a guaranteed roadmap for the sector, and to the organisation’s good collaboration with Enterprise Greece and other responsible state agencies, the position of Greek wine in foreign markets has improved significantly. As an example, he talked about the United States, where Greek labels are increasingly appearing on restaurant wine lists, becoming available in well-known wine stores, and being included among the products that large American import companies invest in. Mr. Voyatzis added that a similar trend can be seen in Canada. He also pointed out that Enterprise Greece and EDOAO have a common goal, which is the vision encapsulating the objectives of the strategic plan for the Greek wine, namely “to increase the perceived value that Greek origin brings to branded and standardised wines produced in Greece”. In total, Enterprise Greece and EDOAO wine initiatives will have a budget of more than €5 million. 

According to CEO Velissarios Dotsis, Enterprise Greece initiatives for the next period of the programme will start in November, with the participation in the Vinexpo international trade fair in Japan (14-15 November 2016). It will include a wine bar with 50 Greek labels, while two masterclasses will be held by Konstantinos Lazarakis. Meanwhile, targeted actions and dynamic initiatives will take place in Japan and Korea to promote and raise the profile of Greek wine, with the main objective being to increase its recognition, thereby helping it to become better established in the countries concerned. 
In China, the United States and Canada, the programme will complement the actions and initiatives of the EDOAO programme. The main goal is to achieve the best possible results with multiple benefits. Due to its experience so far and the excellent cooperation with the sector, the programme will continue dynamically over the next years, with a systematic international presence, so that Greek wine can better establish itself.

Mr Dotsis also referred to actions that will be funded by Enterprise Greece. In particular, he noted Greece’s participation in the Prowein international trade fair, and parallel initiatives to be organised in Germany before and after the event in order to support Greek winemakers.

Finally, Mr Dotsis noted: “All these efforts are taking place in a sector that has been stating for years that we need to be more outward-looking if the Greek economy is to grow, and has put this belief into practice. The wine sector has associations and bodies operating in the same direction, with which we work very well and engage in joint planning, because Enterprise Greece’s development strategy is to create synergies in new markets and target markets, in order to promote the agri-food sector, foodstuffs, and gastronomy products all together, and to make the sector recognisably more outward looking and export-orientated.”