Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Enterprise Greece at Delphi Economic Forum


Enterprise Greece at Delphi Economic Forum

Athens, 4 March 2019 | With the country’s emergence from a protracted economic crisis, Greece has embarked on a successful, new growth model that is already spurring an economic recovery and fresh investment interest,  Enterprise Greece CEO Grigoris Stergioulis told an audience of business and political leaders at a top-level conference in the historic town of Delphi.

Speaking at the 4th Delphi Economic Forum, Mr. Stergioulis said that Greek economic growth depended on extroversion, innovation, new technologies and productive reorganization of the primary sector of the economy. The goal, he said, was to achieve growth through equitable and sustainable development and with emphasis on environmental protection.

This year’s Delphi Economic Forum, which took place 28 February to 3 March, was organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) under the title "The Challenge of Growth without Exclusions." Mr. Stergioulis spoke on a special panel focused on the challenges to attracting foreign capital to Greece.

In his remarks, Mr. Stergioulis told the audience that the country has turned a new page after exiting the last of its financial assistance programs in August, and that a new era was emerging in Greece presenting new opportunities and possibilities, but also some challenges. He outlined Enterprise Greece’s multidimensional strategic plan and vision for the immediate future, as well as the next steps towards strengthening the country's investment climate.

Greece has already seen a marked improvement of its economic fundamentals and significant strengthening of international exports, as a result of hard work, targeted actions, and a coherent strategy. Mr. Stergioulis underlined the importance of continuing along the same path, through further initiatives, exploiting the country’s competitive advantages, and establishing cross-sectoral synergies to boost tourism, life sciences, agri-food, energy, manufacturing, transport, logistics, clothing and jewelry exports.

Also present at the 4th Delphi Economic Forum, was the President of the Hellenic Republic and the Prime Minister who spoke to an assembled audience of leading policy makers, regulators, investors and corporate executives.