Thursday, 15 October 2020

Doing Business in Germany Webinar


Doing Business in Germany Webinar

Athens, 15 October 2020 | More than 100 Greek export companies, spanning a range of sectors, participated in this week’s online forum on business opportunities in Germany – one of Greece’s most important markets and where Greek exports have been growing rapidly.

The webinar, “Doing Business in Germany – COVID 19 Challenges and Opportunities”, organized by Enterprise Greece on 14 October 2020 in collaboration with the Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs in Berlin, drew attendance from companies in the Food & Beverage, Industrial Equipment and ITC sectors.

 It is the fourth in a series of export webinars organized by Enterprise Greece as part of its efforts to support Greek exporters during the COVID pandemic. The “Doing Business in…” webinars began in June, with the first three focused on the US market, and another one already planned for later this month, “Doing Business in South Korea – COVID 19 Challenges and Opportunities” on 21 October 2020.

  • Germany, is the second largest export market for Greek products and is of particular importance to Greek exporters, while Greece ranks 41st as a supplier country to Germany. During the period 2015-2019, Greek exports to Germany increased 17.4% to €2.3 billion from €1.9 billion.
  • This year, amid the pandemic, Greek Food & Beverage exports to Germany – through both in-store and online sales – rose 33.3%. German consumers are increasingly demanding quality and competitively priced Greek products, and with particular emphasis on organic products.
  • The Greek building materials sector also achieved a 6% increase in exports this year. It is noteworthy that the industry showed greater resilience in the German market, compared with other European countries. German buyers focus on the high added value of the products, their quality certifications, and the overall reliability of suppliers.

Betty Alexandropoulou, Managing Director and Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Enterprise Greece, said in her greeting: "In recent years, Greece has achieved an increase in its exports, as the Greek economy has repositioned itself in international markets and Greek companies expanded into new markets while remaining active in established ones, among them Germany. In recent years, the increase in Greek exports to Germany, especially in food and beverage products, has been particularly significant. Germany is the largest economy in Europe and is a strategic market for Greek exporters. Our goal is to maintain the momentum and expand our export footprint in the country."

In his remarks, Charalambos Kounalakis, Counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Greek Embassy, Berlin, reviewed overall bilateral trade between Greece and Germany, as well as the prospects that have emerged with the Covid 19 crisis. The German market is particularly competitive with consumers increasingly demanding value for money, combined with a high propensity to consume organic products, and with purchasing decisions being driven by a growing awareness of public health issues and a desire to protect the environment. However, Greek exporters are well positioned to access the German market thanks to the high quality of Greek products and a high degree of positive recognition among German consumers.

The webinar also included presentations from Greek exporters active in the German market. Among them: Nikolaos Pagoulatos of the REWE Company, Periklis Maniatis of EMM. KOUVIDIS DEUTSCHLAND, and Anastasia Galani and Ingo Rübe of GalaniprojectsGmbH – Kilt, with each describing their success stories in Germany and providing valuable advice to participants.