Monday, 16 November 2020

New Programme for Extroversion


New Programme for Extroversion

Athens, 16 November 2020 Enterprise Greece is co-organising, along with US-MAC (US Market Access Center), the “Thriving in the Storm” Programme in an effort to enhance the export potential of innovative technology enterprises. US-MAC has been active since 1995, providing technology enterprises with fast and successful access to the global market through Silicon Valley. (

The Programme is launching the cooperation between Enterprise Greece and USA agencies for the support of Greek enterprises operating in the technology-innovation sector. It will be a digital event and will be technically and financially supported by Enterprise Greece.

Through the “Thriving in the Storm” Programme experts of the Silicon Valley ecosystem are going to train Greek enterprises in strengthening their export capacity. In the 1st cycle of the Programme, the participating enterprises will attend a fast-paced 20-hour programme that will be implemented in December 2020.

The Programme addresses new and existing technology enterprises operating in one of the following sectors:

Healthcare / Life Sciences

Computer Hardware

Mobile Technologies


Process Automation Collaborations

Communications for the Enterprise

Data Security


Food/Beverage Nutritional Science

Computer Gaming


Financial Technologies

Delivery Services


They need to have a fully functional product or service, to have already made sales in the local market and to wish to promote their products / services in the US, but also in the global markets.

The presentation of the programme will take place during the online event (live event) organised by Enterprise Greece, on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 17:30.

Similar Programme cycles are scheduled to follow, so as many enterprises as possible will be able to participate within 2021, aiming at opening a door to Silicon Valley.

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Find the agenda of the event here.