Thursday, 8 July 2021

Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2021 Award


Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2021 Award

Athens, 08 July 2021| A prize for its contribution and support to Greek companies on becoming more extrovert, was awarded to Enterprise Greece at the “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2021” business awards.

The honorary award was received by the Secretary General for International and Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Chairman of Enterprise Greece, Mr. Ioannis Smyrlis, during a ceremony that took place on Wednesday July 7th, with the participation of leading Greek companies, representatives of the government, political parties, and businesses.

Mr. Smyrlis thanked the organizers for the honorary distinction, which, as he mentioned, recognizes the important work of Enterprise Greece in promoting trade but also in attracting investments in Greece. “Enterprise Greece is the result of a new structure in the so called “one stop shop” concept which represents the gate to extroversion, showcasing the substantial results in exporting Greek products and attracting investments».

Mr. Smyrlis also thanked all the employees and the Management of Enterprise Greece, for their outstanding work, which led to this honorary distinction.

In his greeting speech, Mr. Smyrlis stated: “The reform of economic diplomacy, to comply with the standards of developed economies, is being implemented rapidly by the government and the drafting of the first National Strategic Extroversion Plan, is now ready. It aims to effectively promote the economic interests of our country and of the Greek companies”.

In this context, the General Secretariat for International Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created a single extroversion portal. Both export organizations, Enterprise Greece (EG) and the Export Credit Insurance Organization (OAEP) fall under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both Organizations, under the new status, can take joint initiatives and actions, and at the same time resources are being saved.

Mr. Smyrlis also referred to the newly introduced flexible and digital tools, aiming to support export companies and facilitate them to participate in international exhibitions, business missions and other promotional activities. And he made special reference to the coordinated and constructive cooperation with the broad network of Embassies and Offices of Economic and Commercial Affairs, worldwide.

During the event, Mr. Smyrlis had the opportunity to award prizes to four prominent, Greek enterprises, which stood out last year for their exquisite work. These are the following:

1.Cenergy Holdings (Corinth Pipeworks S.A., Greek Cables)
4. Intercomm Foods.