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Get to Know Enterprise Greece


Get to Know Enterprise Greece

Athens, 28 March 2019 | Enterprise Greece is the official investment and trade promotion agency of the Greek state, under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy & Development. Our mission is to facilitate foreign investment in Greece, and to promote the export of Greek products and services abroad.

The agency’s strategic goal is to contribute to Greece’s economic development model based on productive investment in priority sectors. Enterprise Greece also helps promote exports of Greek products and services, and supports producers and entrepreneurs aiming to export their products abroad. Stronger export activity helps enhance and support the local economy and assists in the restructuring of the domestic productive base.

In 2018, Enterprise Greece carried out an integrated and targeted strategic action plan, which included:

  • • Roadshows, investment events, and workshops abroad.
  • • Outreach to international investors and businesses resulting in specific investment plans of approximately 31 companies interested in Greece.
  • • Promotion of targeted investment proposals.
  • • Reception of business missions from: China, USA, England, Russia, Egypt, Australia and France.
  • • Evaluation of 7 Fast Track projects and maturing of three municipal works projects.
  • • Organization of 47 Greek national delegations to international exhibitions, including the participation of hundreds of Greek companies in more than a dozen sectors.
  • • Targeted B2B meetings for Greek exporters and businesses.
  • • Providing customized information to exporters, tailored to specific needs.
  • • Regular briefings and training seminars on issues of interest to Greek exporters.

According to the latest data from the Bank of Greece, foreign direct investment (net) inflows to Greece for 2018 amounted to €3.6 billion (the highest figure in ten years) compared to €3.2 billion in 2017, representing a 12.5% annual increase. Last year marked the third consecutive year of increased foreign investment inflows into Greece, following a 28.3% annual increase in 2017, and a 118.5% increase in 2016.

In the last year, the agency has made enormous strides, but continues its activities without pause. Our action plan for 2019 reflects our strategy and priorities for attracting new investment; stimulating entrepreneurship through the promotion of Greek exports; promoting just, stable and environmentally sustainable growth; the promotion of innovation; a coordinated and effective extroversion strategy; and job creation.


Our strategic investment priorities in 2019 are to attract long-term investors, interested either in acquisitions or Greenfield projects, by promoting both public and private assets in areas where Greece has significant competitive advantages in the international value chain. Our matrix of priority sectors, in line with Greece’s development strategy, are: Tourism and Real Estate, Energy, New Technologies, Agri-Food, Environmental Technologies, Supply Chain, Medicines and Medical Services, Creative and Cultural Industries.

Our priority countries as investor source markets are: Germany, France, USA, China (and Hong Kong), Italy, Russia, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain and Israel. Our further goal is to promote the Fast Track process for strategic investments by soliciting investment projects of strategic, national interest.

The further promotion of Greek products and services in existing and new foreign markets will contribute substantially to the ongoing recovery of the Greek economy. For this reason, the agency supports Greek businesses in reaching out to new markets and identifying new partners, by organizing national delegation to international exhibitions, and promoting Greek products through a series of specialized actions such as buyers’ forums and networking opportunities with bloggers and influencers.

Enterprise Greece Chairman and CEO Grigoris Stergioulis said: "The added value of our agency is to leverage the comparative advantages of the country to attract investments in strategically selected sectors and to systematically promote Greek products and services, while building the country's brand. Sustainable growth, the creation of quality jobs, and linking education, research, and innovation with entrepreneurship are not abstract concepts, but central pillars of our strategy."