Monday, 30 October 2023

Enterprise Greece at the "Go Global Awards 2023" in the United States


Enterprise Greece at the "Go Global Awards 2023" in the United States

Athens, 30 October 2023|  Enterprise Greece, which continues to be at the forefront of value-added investment events, will take part in the international awards "Go Global Awards 2023" for the second year in a row.

It is an annual international business event organized by the International Trade Council to award, on the basis of specific criteria and bringing directly together national development agencies and investment and export promotion organizations from all over the world, with companies of all sizes that have innovative products and/or services, have achieved significant market penetration in one or more markets, or have a significant international investment. With this project, an adequate framework is established for the marketing of Greece as an investment destination, as well as the generation of fresh leads that, when combined with systematic continuing measures, can lead to the attraction and making of new investments in our country in the future.

Every year, about 50 Enterprise Greece counterparts, investment, and export promotion agencies, and 400 firms from the foreign community are invited to participate in the Go Global Awards final round of activities. The event will be place in the United States state of Rhode Island from November 6-8, 2023, in collaboration with the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation.

Enterprise Greece's participation includes: a) participation in two individual panel discussions promoting the Greek investment proposal, highlighting the factors that acted as a catalyst for major international companies' final decision to invest in Greece in cutting-edge and innovative sectors over the last four (4) years, the presentation of the country's most recent quantitative and qualitative achievements in attracting Foreign Direct Investment, as well as the country's extremely positive investment prospects for the future, b) bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the event with selected companies that will attend, c) candidacy for the Organization's award, d) booth for the distribution of promotional-information material on the business and investment environment in Greece.