Wednesday, 15 November 2023

“Go Global Awards 2023”- Enterprise Greece was awarded Best National Investment Promotion Agency


“Go Global Awards 2023”- Enterprise Greece was awarded Best National Investment Promotion Agency

Αthens, 15 November 2023 | Enterprise Greece, the national investment attraction body, received prestigious international recognition at the "Go Global Awards 2023." The event, held in the State of Rhode Island, United States of America from November 6 to 8, 2023, was organized by the International Trade Council and the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation.

In a significant acknowledgment of Enterprise Greece's outstanding achievements in investment attraction and its contribution to international excellence, Mr. Elias Eliades, Director of Investment Attraction, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

The "Go Global Awards" serve as a catalyst for investment and trade developments, facilitating active networking between government investment and trade promotion bodies and businesses seeking continuous expansion and new opportunities. The event hosted representatives from over 46 Enterprise Greece bonds, investment, and export promotion bodies globally, along with 500 international companies from 83 countries, predominantly in sectors like information and communication technologies, industry, supply chain, innovation, research and development, education, and financial services.

During the event, Mr. Eliades participated in panel discussions, highlighting Greece's recent investment mobility, particularly in knowledge-intensive sectors such as technology, innovation, research, and startup entrepreneurship. He emphasized the entry of major international companies like Pfizer, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Cisco, and HP, attributing their presence to the country's recent reforms promoting rapid digital transformation, simplification of administrative procedures, tax system reform, and a commitment to a stable fiscal and macroeconomic environment.

Mr. Eliades also showcased Greece's emerging startup ecosystem, emphasizing the availability of highly talented, multilingual, and academically trained human resources. He underscored the qualitative elements of equality, diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion promoted by investments, especially in the technological sector.

Throughout the "Go Global Awards 2023," 40 new contacts were established with representatives of international companies, providing them with insights into Greece's investment environment and opportunities in their respective fields.

Expressing his pride in Enterprise Greece's achievement, Mr. Marinos Giannopoulos, CEO, stated, "Our award as the national investment attraction of the year at the 'Go Global Awards' confirms the successful strategy we've implemented. In 2022 alone, Enterprise Greece attracted strategic investments of 2.3 billion euros, implemented 36 investment actions, presented 82 investment proposals, networked with 1,333 new investors, and served 788 investment requests. This award gives us even more impetus to achieve higher goals."