Greece invites consumers to “Invest in Taste” amid record Greek participation at world’s leading Anuga 2017 trade fair

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Greece invites consumers to “Invest in Taste” amid record Greek participation at world’s leading Anuga 2017 trade fair

Greece’s leading food and beverage companies staged a highly successful presence at Anuga 2017, the world’s largest food trade fair held in Cologne, Germany Oct. 7-11, with the number of Greek companies participating jumping by 30%. Enterprise Greece, the state trade and investment promotion agency, organized the Greek national participation at the fair.

At this year’s biennial Anuga fair, 107 countries and more than 7,400 exhibitors took part with the Greek delegation ranking 6th in terms of participation. The fair hosted more than 165,000 visitors, confirming the exhibition as one of the world’s leading food and beverage events.

The approximately 2,800 square meter Greek national pavilion hosted 160 export-oriented Greek companies – 30% more than at the previous fair two years ago -- as well as the regions of Attica, Thessaly and Central Greece, and the Chambers of Commerce from Achaia, Kozani, Larissa and Trikala.

The increased Greek participation can be explained, in part, by the growing strength of Greek exports, which rose 15.1% (including petroleum products) during the first eight months of 2017. It also reflects the intensified efforts of Greek companies to strengthen their export orientation and penetrate growing markets abroad.

The message of this year’s Greek delegation was: Invest in Taste. By choosing Greek food products, consumers are investing in taste, quality and their well-being. The message also serves as an open invitation to foreign investors to invest in the promising and dynamic Greek agro-food sector.

To promote this promising sector, Enterprise Greece Chairman, Mr. Christos Staikos, and CEO, Mr. Elias Athanasiou, were present at the national pavilion supporting Greek exporters and meeting with prospective investors. In total, the Greek exhibitors had more than 10,500 business exchanges during which they had the opportunity to present the best Greek food products to industry professionals from around the world.

To attract investment to the sector, a total of 25 separate business meetings were held with prospective investors from Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, the U.S. and from Arab countries. The goal of the meetings was to present Greek investment opportunities in specific sectors such as in the cultivation and processing of dried fruits & nuts, production of dairy products, fresh and frozen meat processing, and juice processing. There were also a series of follow up meetings with investors who had expressed initial interest in Greek projects at the last Anuga fair two years ago.

Investors now appear more ready to proceed with their investment plans, recognizing both the competitive advantages of the Greek food industry, and that Greece’s economy is on a stable recovery path. One significant investment prospect is developing in the baked goods sector. The interest expressed at Anuga confirms an investment trend in both greenfield and export-oriented bakery projects that was first identified in early 2017 at the GULFOOD exhibition in Dubai.
Among the many advantages already enjoyed by Greece’s food industry – ranging from the healthy Mediterranean diet to the exceptional quality of Greek ingredients – another can now be added: Greece’s steadily growing tourism business. The growing number of visitors each year is widening the consumer base and helping to lift Greek F&B companies. According to the latest available data, tourist arrivals in Greece is approaching 30 million visitors this year, breaking previous records.
Finally, throughout the duration of the exhibition, the pavilion hosted a GREECE GOURMET salon, a designated space for tasting Greek foods, as well as for corporate presentations and for holding business meetings. Large numbers of visitors had the opportunity to savor Greek dishes, while on Saturday, Oct. 7, a special exhibition was held at the national pavilion with the participation of the Greek exhibitors. Likewise on Sunday, Oct. 8, Enterprise Greece hosted German importers and distributors at the GREECE GOURMET salon, allowing them to sample the exceptional quality of Greek food products, thereby promoting Greek businesses and Greek food products with leading representatives of the German market.