Friday, 24 March 2023

Greek marble gains its own identity!


Greek marble gains its own identity!

Kavala, March 24, 2023 | On Tuesday, March 21, 2023 a special event was organized by the Macedonia - Thrace Marble Companies Association (SEMMT) with the support of the Greek Company of Investments and Foreign Trade (Enterprise Greece) to present the 1st common identity of Greek marble “Greek Marble | Then. Now. Forever.” The message sent by this common identity is related on the one hand with the timeless relevance of Greek marble, from antiquity to the current era, and on the other hand its multifaceted use in small-scale projects within our homes or larger projects of unique importance and symbolism. A special reference is also made to marble as a natural and sustainable material with a long lifespan, perfectly matched with modern design.

In the event, greetings were presented by Mr. Kostas Fragogiannis, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs on Financial Diplomacy and Extroversion, Dr. Ioannis Savvas, Secretary of Macedonia-Thrace Decentralized Administration and Mr. Marinos Giannopoulos, CEO of Enterprise Greece. A greeting was also presented, in the form of a letter, by the General Secretary of Energy and Natural Resources of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Mrs. Alexandra Sdoukou.

The President of the Macedonia-Thrace Marble Companies Association, Mrs. Ioulia Haida, referred to the sector of Greek marble and its contribution to the Greek economy. She focused on its exports valued at 225,015,000€ in the nine months of 2022 and 360,748,000€ in 2021, in comparison to 288,720,000 € in 2020. She also stressed that Greece ranks 5th in the global export of marble and 2nd in the E.U., exporting 76% of its production to over 120 countries. China, USA, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are also included in the top five countries where 58.20% of Greek marble was exported. Next, Mrs. Haida referred to the Association and its companies, the significance of its activity for the wider area (>72% of marble production comes from Eastern Macedonia-Thrace) and her vision for a strategic plan to promote the Greek marble globally.

The Executive Director of Enterprise Greece and Member of the Board, Mrs. Betty Alexandropoulou, referred to a mutual effort with SEMMT to design a modern, unique identity for marble, securing its value, differentiating it from competition and enhancing its unique features. Mrs. Alexandropoulou also referred to the sector's recent participation in the International Show “The Big 5” 2022 in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and the 1st Greek participation in the most important show of the sector in Northern America, the TISE-StonExpo International Fair held in Las Vegas. She also added that more important actions will take place in 2023, such as participation in the International Fairs BIG 5 Construct Egypt in June, the MARMOMAC VERONA in September and others.

Mrs. Haida and Mrs. Alexandropoulou encouraged the companies of the sector to adopt this common identity in all their communications, in order to help establish it. They also referred to the advantages of all members of the sector using a common trademark, which include instant recognition abroad, as a synonym for top product quality, the importance of a common identity in enhancing the sector's exports and the utilization of the momentum which has been created.

Although Greece is a small country, it has a large production and variety of marble and its history is inseparably linked with this unique material. The sector can assert that marble extraction and processing are sectors in which Greek companies have extensive experience and know-how, employing experienced quarriers and technicians in cutting-edge technology facilities.