Thursday, 6 July 2017

Agreement with Greek Wine Federation


Agreement with Greek Wine Federation

Enterprise Greece and the Greek Wine Federation, affirming their longstanding collaboration, signed a cooperation agreement July 4, 2017 to undertake joint initiatives as part of a coordinated export policy that is based on the three core objectives of the national wine industry strategy. Those objectives are:

• Create a value image for Greek wine in international markets.
• Promote the particular qualities of Greek wine that result from the native varieties of grape and unique terroirs of Greece.
• Promote the authenticity of Greek wine, which differentiates it in the international marketplace.

The two organisations recognising that a) exports, especially products with high added value, represent a basic pillar of growth for the Greek economy; b) the Greek wine industry is one of the country’s most dynamic and export-oriented sectors; c) wine is one of the main brand ambassadors of Greece; d) raising awareness of a Greek-produced primary product helps to further establish the "Greece" brand name and; e) the need to establish a unified export and promotion strategy for the country’s wine industry, agreed to:

• Join efforts to implement a coordinated export and promotion strategy to further Greek wines abroad.
•  Set up a working group that, under the direction of the managing authority of the National Wine Entity, will propose a promotional program each year.
•  Step up efforts to inform all wineries about the initiatives taken and encourage them to participate.
•  Make every effort to ensure adequate funding for the implementation of promotional activities abroad.

Chairman of Enterprise Greece, Mr. Christos Staikos, said after the signing of the partnership agreement: "Our wine industry is very dynamic and is one of Enterprise Greece’s priorities. The aim of this agreement is to jointly draw up a strategic action plan that will not only make it known that Greece produces quality wines, but will also translate any promotional activities that we implement into increased exports to existing markets and the opening of new ones."

Greek Wine Federation President Mr. George Skouras said: "Greek wine, this diamond of Greek culture and the Greek economy, is part of Greece’s efforts to open itself up to new markets and showcase the wealth and dynamism of the country. In this endeavour, Enterprise Greece is a steadfast partner. The partnership agreement signed today seals our relationship of trust and will take us even further."