Tuesday, 20 June 2023

INTERSOLAR 2023-Highlighting investment opportunities for new RES investments in Greece


INTERSOLAR 2023-Highlighting investment opportunities for new RES investments in Greece

Athens, June 20, 2023| Greece had a dynamic presence at the conference and exhibition Intersolar Europe 2023, the most important event in Europe for the photovoltaic market, which took place in Munich, Germany, from Tuesday 12 to Friday June 16, 2023.

Enterprise Greece participated with a mission of 15 extrovert Greek companies that had the opportunity to promote their innovative products and services related to, among others, photovoltaic panel support products, geotextiles, as well as special software and electromechanical equipment.

During the exhibition, Enterprise Greece organised 19 business meetings aimed at informing about the improvement of the investment climate in Greece, its significant advantages for the development of new RES and energy storage projects, regulatory and sectoral developments that accelerate the development of new projects. During these meetings, extensive reference was made to the country’s strategic geopolitical position, which emerges as a regional energy hub that gathers international investment interest in new RES investments.

The Greek companies welcomed and appreciated the business contacts that took place during the exhibition, which attracted 2,469 exhibitors and the interest of more than 106,000 professionals-visitors from 166 countries. At the heart of this year’s exhibition were hybrid solutions of photovoltaic technology combined with energy storage solutions, heat pumps and electrification applications.

Ahead of the exhibition, the Intersolar Europe conference was also held, during which the importance and contribution of photovoltaic technology was highlighted as the world’s leading applied solution for renewable energy generation, since in 2023 it accounted for 2/3 of installed power compared to all other RES technologies. At the same time, the challenges that this technology is facing at a european level were also discussed.