Friday, 27 November 2020

Investment webinar to attract tourism investment projects from Australia


Investment webinar to attract tourism investment projects from Australia

Athens, 27 November 2020 | A successful webinar to promote Greece as a promising investment destination for Australian enterprises and investors in the tourism and real estate sectors, was successfully held on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

The event was organized by Enterprise Greece, the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Office of Economic & Commercial Affairs of the Greek Embassy in Sydney. The event was attended by high level representatives of major Australian enterprises from both sectors.

 Mr. G. Filiopoulos, CEO of Enterprise Greece,  addressed the Webinar with a short speech and focused on the successful management of the pandemic by the Greek government and the measures taken to address it, and referred to the Recovery Fund and the reforms undertaken recently by the Greek government,  in order to strengthen entrepreneurship and attract investment.

Following that, Greece’s investment plan in the sectors of tourism and real estate was presented, along with the recent developments both in terms of market size, as well as in terms of specific available investment opportunities and investment incentives.

Prominent investors, Messrs Oriol Peña, Senior Director Asset Management of Hotel Investment Partners (Blackstone), and Elie Milky, Vice President Development of Radisson Hotel Group, who have invested and operate successfully their business in Greece, in the respective sectors - real estate and tourism – also participated at the webinar and their testimonials were of great importance, presenting the reasons why they decided to invest in Greece and their valuable experience so far.

They stressed on how unique a country Greece is, in terms of tourism investments, the availability and high caliber of partners in all levels, and focused on the positive prospects of the country in the long run.