Monday, 30 November 2020

Just Transition Development Plan


Just Transition Development Plan

Athens, 30 November 2020 I Enterprise Greece participates with a specially devoted Task Force team in the “Just Transition Development Plan of lignite areas of Western Macedonia and Megalopolis”. It consists of a versatile project, which aims to reconstruct the transition areas, in a new economic model, and to cover the deficit of their productive model, through the creation of values in different sectors, taking into account all their natural and diverse comparative advantages.

 Enterprise Greece, as the official investment and trade promotion agency of the Greek state, will assist the Steering Committee of the “Just Transition Development Plan of lignite areas of Western Macedonia and Megalopolis”, through forming a special Task Force, which will undertake a series of actions and their implementation, aiming at attracting and supporting investments in Western Macedonia and Megalopolis. Especially for this purpose, Enterprise Greece, has created a new email account: to receive and handle all relevant queries and / or requests.

The “Just Transition Development Plan of lignite areas” is based on five development pillars , as follows: Clean energy, Industry and trade, Smart agricultural production, Sustainable tourism,  Technology and education. It includes enhanced investment incentives to attract investments, specific land uses for the tens of thousands of acres of land of lignite fields being released, as well as detailed timelines for the implementation of investments. The participation of Enterprise Greece in this project is expected to contribute constructively to the development of green entrepreneurship and the efforts of the Greek government and the Steering Committee of the “Just Transition Development Plan of lignite areas”,  to create new quality jobs in these areas for the benefit of local communities.

The actions that will be implemented, include the communication with all the stakeholders regarding the plan of decarbonization of the domestic power generation, as well as, the adoption  of integrated programs to support Greek lignite areas during their transition to a climate neutral new era. The utilization of development potential of each region, for the regeneration of local economies, is also included in the plan. The total amount of funding, including the necessary leverage of private resources, is estimated to exceed 5bn euros, from both European Community and national resources, using as main vehicle the new Operational Programme for the Just Transition of the new Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework 2021-2017.

It is worth mentioning here, that the Greek government has committed to withdraw lignite plants by the year 2028, in a coordinated and responsible manner.

A top priority issue is, to secure jobs and to utilize the high know-how of human resources in the designated areas. This consists also one of the main goals of the national Plan for Just Transition of lignite areas of Western Macedonia and Megalopolis, in which, Enterprise Greece, has been invited to participate among other institutions.