Mission of Economic and Commercial Counselors to the region of Ionian Islands

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Mission of Economic and Commercial Counselors to the region of Ionian Islands

Enterprise Greece and the Region of Ionian islands in an effort to promote the Region’s  business opportunities and quality Greek food and services, organized a mission of 22 foreign Economic and Commercial Counselors to Corfu from 6-8 April 2017. The mission was supported by the Commercial Chamber of Corfu.

This fact finding mission is part of Enterprise Greece’s Synergassia initiative that aims to promote all regions/municipalities of Greece to Foreign Diplomats posted in Athens by highlighting the unique business opportunities that every region has to offer, reinforce the extroversion of the local business ecosystem and promote the unique local products and services.

During the mission, Economic and Commercial Diplomats attended a workshop where the island’s macroeconomic and investment profile was presented, met with local entrepreneurs in an effort to build on common synergies and visited local innovative companies.

During the workshop on Thursday April 6, 2017, welcome remarks were delivered by Enterprise Greece’s Chairman, Mr. Christos Staikos, the Governor of Ionian Islands,  Mr. Theodoros Galiatsatos and the Mayor of Corfu, Mr. Constantinos Nikolouzos. Ionian University’s Professor and Head of the Department of Informatics, Dr. Panagiotis Vlamos,  discussed the  University’s Innovation Strategy. The Chairmen of Chambers of Commerce of Corfu, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Technical Chamber of Commerce, Economic Chamber of Commerce of Ionian Islands and Cephallonia Messrs. George Hondrogiannis, Dimitrios Gargaleas, Sotirios Skiadaresis, Ioannis Metallinos, Alexandros Revis and Andreas Pandelios respectively,  delivered speeches and highlighted the comparatives advantages of all the islands that comprise Region of Ionian Islands. Concluding, the Vice Governor of the Region, Mr. Spyros Galiatsatos, elaborated on the touristic profile of the Region, their strategy and goals in upgrading the sector and attracting FDI.

At the end of workshop, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Enterprise Greece and the Region. The aim of the MOU is for the two entities to closely collaborate on promoting the Region’s advantages and its business ecosystem, as well as showcase the Region’s potential according to its long term strategy, while ta the same time protect its socioeconomic and unique cultural characteristics.

The following date, 7 April 2017, approximately 200 B2Bs took place between Commercial and Economic Counselors and prominent businesses of the region. During the meetings, possibilities for future cooperation were discussed with companies in their respective countries.

Later that evening and the following day, (Saturday, 8  April 2017) the diplomats had the opportunity to visit companies and production units such as Melissokomiki Kerkyras Vasilakis, Theotoky Estate, Corfu Beer, Chimarios Ginger Beer, Lazaris Distillery, The Governor Olive Oil, in order to assess the Region’s business potential and innovation, as well as the high quality of local products.

Diplomats from the Embassies of Portugal, Latvia, Cyprus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, USA, Slovakia, Morocco, Finland, Canada, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia, Poland, the Netherlands and Brazil participated in the Mission to Corfu.