Thursday, 20 October 2016

Sial Paris 2016 Exhibition


Sial Paris 2016 Exhibition

With more than 200 exhibitors, Greece had a dynamic presence at the largest international food and beverage exhibition, Sial Paris 2016, which was a resounding success for Greek exporters. Greece’s participation was the sixth largest of the 104 countries taking part. 
The great importance of the event can be seen yet again this year from the numbers of visitors, more than 155,000 from 194 countries. The country’s participation was organised by Enterprise Greece. The Greek pavilion hosted most of the Greek companies, as well as the regions of Attica, Central Greece, and Eastern Macedonia & Thrace.

Greek exhibitors took part in more than 6.000 business meetings, during which they had the opportunity to present the best food products coming out of Greece, and to promote them to professionals and companies from all over the world.

At the same time, Enterprise Greece officials made the most of the opportunity presented by the leading agriculture and food exhibition, holding prearranged meetings at which they highlighted the investment opportunities in this important and competitive sector.

The Chairman of Enterprise Greece, Christos Staikos, stressed the importance of promoting the agri-food sector as one of the Greek economy’s main pillars of growth. He stated that the strategic direction of Enterprise Greece was to make Greek products more international and to shape a national brand specifically for this dynamically evolving sector: “With the slogan ‘Invest in Taste’ we want to stress the fact that anyone selecting Greek products is essentially making an investment in taste, quality and life itself, while issuing a clear invitation to investors and merchants in the food and beverage sector.”

At the same time, a series of actions and events were organised during the exhibition with the aim of promoting Greek gastronomy and quality Greek products in the French market. At the national pavilion, a restaurant operated under chef Dina Nikolaou and Evi Evane restaurants. It demonstrated the products of the Greek exhibitors in a range of dishes.

In addition, every afternoon, Dina Nikolaou held live cooking demonstrations with famous French food experts, pastry chefs and chefs such as Sebastien Ripari, Gontran Cherrier and Stephan Perrote, creating new dishes inspired by Greek products.

In terms of attracting investors, efforts focused on promoting solid investment projects from the portfolio of Enterprise Greece to outward-looking companies from European target-countries including France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, Middle Eastern and Asian countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and China, as well as the USA and Latin America. In total, 25 bilateral meetings were held in the sectors of dairy, juices and juice flavourings, nuts, processed meat, bottled water, and fresh fruit and vegetables.

One of the main outcomes of the meetings was the interest in establishing cooperative dairy production units and fruit and vegetable processing units, as well as in creating agritourism farms to exploit Greece’s comparative advantages in the agricultural and tourism sectors. There has already been a first wave of follow-up actions to further stimulate the interest of these foreign companies regarding investment opportunities, and to provide them with more detailed information about the business and investment environment in Greece.

More information and a list of Enterprise Greece exhibitors is available at the Greece @ SIAL 2016 – PARIS minisite: