Thriving in the Storm

Enterprise Greece and U.S. Market Access Center co-organized an online event entitled "Thriving in the Storm". The title refers to a program aimed at training technology companies on how to enhance their resilience and how to access international markets. The training sessions are delivered by Silicon Valley ecosystem executives.

This program indicates Enterprise Greece’s strategic decision to offer targeted tools in order to amplify the extroversion of Greek companies in the technology and services sector interested in vibrant markets such as the USA. Aimed at already extrovert or newly established companies, which have fully functional products or services, are already selling them and wish to promote their products / services in the US and in other international markets. The companies must be active in one of the following areas: Healthcare / Life Sciences, Computer Hardware, Mobile Technologies, Edu-tech, Robotics, Financial Technologies, Process Automation, Data Security, E-commerce, Food / Beverage Nutritional Science, Computer Gaming, Delivery Services / Logistics.

It is noted that US-MAC is a business accelerator and trade gateway into the United States for high-tech international companies. The USMAC specializes in US market entry for small to mid-sized, high-growth companies in the information and communications, clean technology, and the life sciences sectors. The USMAC was founded in 1995 as a joint venture of the San Jose State University Research Foundation and the City of San Jose's Redevelopment Agency (

You may watch the video from the online event here: