{slider How to promote your product to foreign markets}

The promotion means that the company possesses in foreign markets are general the same as for domestic markets. These are:

  • Advertising: Special attention must be paid to the selection of suitable means that will have an impact on the potential consumer.
  • Promotional material: the material developed and distributed in the local market may need to be modified in terms of both its design and the texts included in it.
  • E-mails: sending direct messages to potential target clients can only take place in case of experience in the particular market and effective market research.
  • Personal visits: personal contact with potential customers may be the best promotion method. In many cases, this also depends on the business culture of the target market.
  • Participation in trade fairs: participation in trade fairs, in addition to promoting the products and the company, helps the company become better acquainted with the market and competitors. In case it is difficult to take part in a trade fair, it is enough for the businessman to visit the trade fair.
  • Company website: each export company must have a website for advertising reasons and which contributes to serving foreign customers. However, in order to contain updated information, its monitoring and continuous feedback are necessary. The target is not simply to have a website but also to update it often, since a website that is not updated can do more harm than good to a company.