International Trade Exhibitions

International Trade Exhibitions are a methodical and internationally acknowledged method for promoting products and export companies in foreign markets. Enterprise Greece organizes Greece’s participation in International Exhibitions, aiming at promoting Greek products, reinforcing national exports, developing trade, as well as at highlighting innovation in all sectors of productive activity. The exhibitions promote the healthy competition between the participants, who aim at their differentiation by showcasing the quality of their products and services. This is achieved by utilizing all available promotion tools, such as forms, product samples, shows, private discussions with buyers and consumers, promotional events, etc.

Organizing Greece’s participation in exhibitions abroad

Enterprise Greece aims at organizing technically sound participations which, on the one hand, offer the possibility to new and existing exporters to achieve the best possible result, namely increasing exports and cooperating with more distribution networks and, on the other hand, promote Greece as a country producing quality products and services, making the Greek brand name identical with quality, good taste, health and a timeless quality.

This is achieved by the high-level image of the Greek stands and the services provided to the Greek exporters, also taking into account the high competition by other, mainly European, countries, as well as the significance of promoting Greek products for the support of the national economy.

The exhibitors’ participation model is the “one stop shop”, namely the exhibitors simply state their participation, by paying the cost that corresponds to their stand size, with Enterprise Greece undertaking the overall organization. The benefit for Greek exhibitors is huge since, in addition to the financial cost of participation, they do not get involved in other logistics and can focus on attracting new clients.

Following the end of the exhibition, the exhibitors evaluate all participations, thus helping to better plan and improve Greece’s participation.
If deemed appropriate, the participation in the exhibition is complemented with marketing actions, so as to maximise the result for both the exhibitors and the Greek brand in general. Moreover, the concept of clustering and collaboration between exporters is continuously promoted, in order to limit the cost and achieve an excellent result.

The main benefits for the exporters from the cooperation with Enterprise Greece in international exhibitions are as follows:

  • Subsiding & Organizing participation in International Exhibitions.
  • Promoting the company in the largest world markets.
  • Networking and know how development.
  • Continuous support before, during, as well as after the completion of the exhibition.
  • Cultivating a culture of national effort in export promotion.
  • Providing training for the flawless preparation of the participation.
  • Utilizing the benefits offered by Greece’s brand name.
  • Utilizing Enterprise Greece’s contact network.
  • Participation in Greece’s stand.