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Tax incentives for returning to Greece in effect for 2021

Tax incentives for returning to Greece in effect for 2021

A new law to encourage Greeks living abroad and digital nomads to come live and work in Greece offers a 50% tax exemption for the first 7 years of Greek tax residence.

If you have been tax resident outside Greece for 7 of the past 8 years and are moving from either an EU country or a country that has a tax treaty with Greece, you qualify. The program, open to both returning Greeks and foreign nationals, grants exemption from the special solidarity contribution and from 50% of income tax for 7 years.

2020 was a difficult year for the global economy, but Greece maintained and even grew its export volume and accelerated its digital transformation in both the public and private sector. Pfizer established an R&D lab in Thessaloniki, staffed mostly by returning Greeks, Microsoft announced a large investment in data centers, and Amazon cloud services opened its first office in Athens.

As the country forges ahead in tech, research & development, logistics operations for large multinationals and green energy, the prospects for a robust post-pandemic recovery are auspicious. This also opens significant opportunities for skilled workers with international experience.