Newsletter June,2022,06


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Europe’s export promotion agencies rebrand as Trade Promotion Europe

Europe’s association of trade promotion agencies this month announced its new name: Trade Promotion Europe, part of a rebranding and reorganization to better support and coordinate the promotion of European exports in international markets.

Under its new structure, Trade Promotion Europe will establish a permanent mission in Brussels to represent its members’ views to the European institutions. The office will be staffed with a full-time Secretary General. TPE will also begin rolling out new member services aiming to ensure the association’s sustainability over a longer time horizon.

Founded as a voluntary association of 12 trade promotion organizations in 2018, TPE has grown rapidly and now boasts 27 members across Europe. Its members include 18 national TPOs – 17 from European Union member states and one from Switzerland – two regional TPOs and seven agri-food promotion organizations. Enterprise Greece, a founding member of the association, helped lead the rebranding and reorganization efforts, underscoring its growing role in international fora.

TPE members are the first point of contact for Europe’s 25 million small- and medium-sized businesses seeking new markets abroad. Combined, TPE members are represented by a network of 86 points of contact in their respective national territories, 157 offices within the EU, and more than 450 offices in third countries.