Newsletter October,2021,10


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Exports & Competitiveness

By Betty Alexandropoulou
Executive Director & Board Member, Enterprise Greece

Exports are a reflection of a competitive economy. And Greece’s rapidly growing exports – despite the global pandemic – are proof of the growing competitiveness of Greek companies.

But the path to long-term success also involves taking a holistic view: that exports and investment are intertwined. In a global economy, strong export performance is an important part of attracting investment and vice versa, productive investment today will lead to greater exports tomorrow.

At Enterprise Greece, we have adopted a new export mindset and strategy, one that incorporates existing and potential buyers, distributors, importers and partners as a single ecosystem. It also incorporates new ways of doing business, like our recent export initiatives with the global e-commerce platform eBay.

Overall, advocacy is our mandate. We work closely with private companies to strengthen their presence abroad, and to influence international perception of Greek products. Both are key to a more open, competitive economy.