Newsletter June,2023,06


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Greece on track to become leading regional data hub

Greece is poised to become the largest data hub in Southeast Europe, and the second largest in the Mediterranean, over the next five years, boosted by the addition of half a dozen new data centers and subsea cables that will transform the country into a digital gateway on the world’s information superhighway.

A new report by market research firm Arizton says that Greece’s data center market will grow at a cumulative average growth rate of almost 9% through 2028, to more than 150 MW of power capacity. In addition, at least six new high-speed telecommunications cables − two already in the works, one recently completed, and three more being planned – are also slated to link Greece with Asia, Europe and Africa.

“The market is witnessing significant investments due to the increasing adoption of cloud services, the advent of AI/ML technologies, and government support for data center development,” says the Arizton report.

The report comes just as Greece’s Council of State approved a new special zoning plan for major data center projects and also as Microsoft submitted its €1 billion investment plan in Greece. The Microsoft project envisions the development of three new data centers to be built near Athens International Airport.