Newsletter November,2022,11


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Greek exports of building & construction materials growing in Asia, Africa

From the enduring excellence of Greek marble to innovative technologies that harness the sun, Greek construction and building products are making their mark internationally with expanding exports to the Middle East, Africa and South Asia – the fastest growing construction market in the world.

In the past year, Greek marble exports to the United Arab Emirates have been growing at a 20% rate, according to industry experts, while Greek construction-related companies are being sought for some of the region’s megaprojects. And a growing number of Greek building materials exporters are also showcasing their wares at leading international exhibitions from Egypt to the UAE. At next month’s Big 5 Dubai trade fair, 60 Greek companies – a record number – will take part, making the Greek delegation one of the largest from Europe and in the world.

Even as property markets face a slowdown in the rest of the world, the Middle East and North Africa hold promise, with GDP expected to expand at roughly twice the world average over the next two years. Across the Middle East, South Asia and Africa, some $4 trillion worth of building and construction projects are planned in the years ahead. These include visionary projects stretching from the futuristic Neom city in Saudi Arabia, to the new administrative capital in Egypt, to the almost two thousand infrastructure projects now underway in India.

Over the past several years, Greek exporters have established foundations in the region. Greek marble graces public spaces from hotels in India to the mosques of Mecca and Medina. Greek lighting solutions have been installed in public works around the Middle East; while Greek producers of sealants, insulation materials and flooring solutions have contributed their technologies to projects ranging from residential complexes to sports and leisure facilities.